I decided to have a go at participating in the Pick a Word challenge in February.

These photos are from my previous blogs that I written over the years as I wanted to be part of something that I have never done before. The inspiration came from Yvette at




glass wall_korea_named_oct  2015


crazy bird_named_binna burra_feb 2015






I hope I have done it right to be included.


  1. I am honored to have seen that I inspired this post – and I think Paula will enjoy seeing your work… but seriously – I was here visiting and I left a comment on your other post – and sometimes it is hard for me to see recent posts when people have their about page as their home (if that makes sense) but I realized that the righthand qidget shows recent posts – and so that was when I noticed this post was there….
    and seriously – my eyes popped to see priorhouse – so thanks

    and now – to the photos – please tell me what alimentary is…. I cannot figure it out.
    and frontal – just brought a huge smile – what a shot

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    1. It was fun to try and find some photos that I thought gave me the feeling of the words. MY last 5 posts are in the scroll across the page I thought> I will have to check. I didn’t know how to set the page as I wanted and the about just came up, so I went with that.
      The alimentary is a design on a wall I took in South Korea in 2015. The only alimentary I know of is the alimentary canal so it reminded me of intestines in a sort of way.
      Thank you for getting it going. It is great to have someone to encourage me to put my photos out there.

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      1. well glad to part of the chain reaction….
        and funny how your (beautiful) rooster photos led to a nice connection.
        and it does have an intestines vibe – and maybe even some neuron-ish – or layers of the insides. and South Korea huh? bet that was fun.

        oh and yes, I can see the most recent posts with the widget to the right….
        hope you have a nice week

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