Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge Letters Y or Z

The Letters Y or Z did pose a bit of a challenge especially Z but here goes…..

A while ago, I did a seven day yacht trail down the Clarence River from Grafton to Iluka with a number of other sailors. This was my first time sailing. We managed to stop at a number of pubs on the way.

This the yacht at sunset on a peaceful days end,

170601_bandw letters_y_yatch02

Near the end the weather had turned and the sky darkened at sunset

170601_bandw letters_y_yatch01

I had a lot of the little Yellow-faced Honeyeater photos to chose from

170601_bandw letters_y_yellow faced honeyeater

The hard one was Z. Luckily I remembered the flower photos and dug out this lovely Zinnia. It is a pale yellow variety.

170601_bandw letters_z_zinnia


See what other people found for their Y or Z photos

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All One Colour

I have gone for a plant theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All One Colour look here for other fabulous all one colour photos.

Some photos are close, some are just some of my favourites.

My abstract banana leaf

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_banana leaf

The red leaf of the Red Cordyline

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_red leaf

The old Fan Palm frond

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_palm frond

The fern frond all in a line

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_fern spikes

I love Zinnias

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_zinnia

And Roses

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_yellow rose

Red berries in the morning sun

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_red berries

The wonderful yellow Day Lily

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_day lily

One of my favourite Australian native plant, the Purple Fringe Lily

170519_blog challenge_all one colour_fringe lily



Back roads and the beach

I enjoy travelling on the back roads where you can discover all sorts of things, plus it’s a great way to find where “that road” goes, which often is a surprise. Some roads are dead ends, some are gravel and some lead to the beach, so lets see what I found recently. The last time I went to the beach everyone enjoyed that day. Seat belts on and off we go.

One of the main things you have to do is take notice of the road safety signs, even if it does mean you have to be aware of Koalas on bikes.


One photo I wanted to take was one of cattle and Cattle Egrets. Luckily it was a rainy day so there were some cattle just resting with egrets hanging around. Just love the one which poked its head up.


At one stop, a cow decided to come over and check out what I was doing, mooing very loudly, until I pointed the camera at her.


There are always flowers. These are quite spectacular.


A lone Zinnia looking quite beautiful.


On the track through the dunes where a Dunecare group planted a lot of plants, which have stabilised the dunes, was a Marengo which have the most fantastic leaves, The wind was blowing so the full leaf was hard to capture so a close-up was just as good.


Once down on the sand, trying to stay out of the sand blasting, I noticed that there was a Pelican floating around on the current.


The Pelican was soon joined by lots of seagulls


And then there were Terns speeding along the breakwall, flying up high and then dropping out of the sky into the water as well.


The Terns seemed to go ever so high into the sky


Before plunging into the water. I just couldn’t time it right to get the entry but have lots of photos of splashes.


Next a flock of Cormorants arrived to help to herd the fish into the shallow water.


And everyone took advantage of the Cormorants fishing skills.


In this photo, I think the Tern is a Little Tern in the bottom right.


So after a while the Pelican wasn’t alone.


On the drive home, the Moon looked very surreal.


Thanks for taking the drive with me along the back roads in the rain and down to the beach.