The word prompt from Lens_Artists Photo Challenge: Patterns

So many patterns in this world it was hard to stop myself from just going on with too many photos.

The colourful patterns on the cliff face
cliff face_patterns_named

The amazing patterns created by spiders
spiders web_blackandwhite_named_binna burra_march 2018

The reflection on the water make a very liquid pattern
water reflections01_burano_named_oct 2015

The crazy cat pattern made by the bark of a Spotted Gum Tree.
tree cat_named_home_sept 2017

Wonderful patterns made by Sand Crabs
crab art02_named_emerald beach_march 2017
The patterns on an aeroplanes tail
180812_patterns_airplane tail

The patterns made by water lillies
180812_patterns_water lillies_water

Amazing patterns on the underside of a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
180812_patterns_yellow tailed black cockatoo
Fabulous patterns on the feathers of an Ibis
180812_patterns_ibis feathers

And of course, the wonderful patterns on our Moon

My Rooster

My rooster is a large, mainly red bloke, who thinks he is the best as he struts around the yard.


Looking a bit closer at his feathers you can see the subtle shades and the complex colours that make for a magnificent bloke. The neck feathers just fall nicely


And cascade onto the contrasting back feathers


The dark red on his back is so different to the feathers on his chest


The dark tips on the breast feathers carries on around the side to the softer feathers under the wing


The brilliant colours on his back near the tail feathers are quite bright


Which contrast with his magnificent tail feathers


Even some of the chooks don’t mind a bit of a glance at those tail feathers


That’s a look at my rooster….time to say see ya….cock-a-doodle-doooooooo