The Seeker Part 5

Was that a trickling sound I heard……perhaps my thirst was giving way to dreams of desire……but I am sure that the trickling sound was real!!

On the lower part of the slope the ground was still stony but many of the rocks were rounded….like rocks that have been rolled about by water. I knelt on the ground on the soft grass and dug my hand between the tufts where the ground is cooler. Gripping onto a tuft, I gave a hard tug ….nothing!!….it didn’t budge at all.

The ground under the grass was hard and rocky not soft as I had hoped. If I do dig down to see if there is some moisture…..what can I use to dig…the sticks were too crumbly and brittle to be of any use in digging through the hard ground.

I started to try and scrape the ground away from the base of a grass tuft… didn’t take long before the skin on my fingers to become sore with small cuts and I had hardly gotten anywhere…..I lay down on the soft grass……the frustration and weariness was getting too much….what do I have to do….why am I on this world…..the sun beat down on my back but the grass was cool on my body and face ….as I drifted off to sleep I was sure that I heard water again.

Water…….I awoke with a thirst…..rolling over, the cool relief on my back was welcomed………looking around I wanted to find some sort of a digging tool….maybe a rock from further up the slope might be suitable as the stones here were too small.

Walking back towards the ridge I hoped I would be lucky and be able to find water….allusive water…..something I desperately need to survive….but what will survival do if I am just to wander this domed world…..

The Seeker Part 4

….the reflection of deep green first seen had now disappeared from my sight…I knew I was closer as the slope seemed to even out.

I can now see that the dry withered sticks were becoming abundant….the rocky ground was not as hard, giving way to smaller pebbles and felt softer underfoot.

Again the rocks shifted but now were all around, not just in the direction I walked…..suddenly I reached a small ridge…..looking down into the slight gully below….what was that…..a greenness greeted my eyes with a relief from the hard dusty ground and…..yes it is I hoped the sound of trickling water.

Now I understand why the mound had dark smudges…..shadows of the green gullies that cut slight clefts….not a cave or shelter as I had first hoped… least there was water to quench a thirst that had pushed me on…on to seek….to seek what?  My now baked skin would relish in the water…water now so close.

My eyes scanned the gully for signs of life…….there appeared to be nothing to arouse my sense of alarm.

Sliding down the scree slope my feet touched springy supple vegetation….almost grass like….relief from the hard sharp rocks that I have been walking on since my awakening.

This grass was nothing like I have experienced….nothing that raised familiar sensations of time before…..time before….time before what….all things grow and develop don’t they…..I couldn’t have always been as I am now….perhaps that is what I seek

As my feet, my toes wriggled into the grass I felt….what happened…..a flash stabbed my thoughts….an image of a sedge lined wetland…was this from my world….am I part of this world…..this dome covered endless source of frustration…or am I from elsewhere

Shaking myself from this wistful dream like state…trying to evoke the memory of before, I became aware of my thirst.

Hoping I would find the shade….a coolish place to rest…..I looked about and realised that although there was a slight ridge that bounded the gully, the sun seemed to shine from every direction…..offering no perceptible shade.

I moved towards that beckoning trickling sound…..wondering if I dug below the surface would there be a moistness in the soil…..

The Seeker Part 3

….thirst, again, drove me on as the scant supply eked out what seemed ages ago, was almost gone….hope gave me strength as once more clouds built…casting shadows across the landscape……bring some relief from this burning sun.

Again, what was that…the sounds of shifting rocks…this time from in front of me as I moved upwards….look, I thought, or did I find voice and exclaim out loud….there was a greenness right ahead…perhaps this could mean that I would find some edible vegetation….be able to replenish my water after I have drunk deeply…my mouth was so dry…the thought of water made me salivate..a bit.

Looking up…the clouds have darkened but still maintained their rapid movement in the same direction I walk…..these clouds…were they inside or outside of the transparent dome?….there must be some way the moisture collected somewhere….similar to the short lived pools that helped wash the mud from my body and vegetation that I used to light that first fire.

As I looked toward the top of the mound….the smudges seemed to be more defined as perhaps tree like shapes…..or, if I was lucky, a cave or hollow to get out of this heat.

Suddenly a rock tumbled towards me…. coming to rest a centimetres from my foot….there wasn’t anything on the rock I could see as I turned it over in my hand… was the same as the others around me….not a scratch or scrape, a shard or sliver missing…it was just the same as all of the others about me.

How did it move or what made it move….there wasn’t anything around that I could see…..was I alone in this world or have others been plucked from their world and thrust into this hot domed existence.

The Seeker Part 2

….walking…always walking…..the desire to rest from the relentless heat, finding cooling shadows is strong.  I want to discover what happened and how did I find myself in this place…the urge to seek compels me on.

The emergence from that primal ooze covered in sticky mud is now a distant memory…..but the transparent dome that covers this world is always there…a reminder of  the strangeness I feel.  The frustration at the dome’s seamlessness with the horizon…..I hoped the dome would touch the ground but it is always further away.

Sometimes I wished that I stayed near the cave…but the spaces that appeared were disconcerting, and, not wanting to be distracted by trivialities, I had to seek… where I know not.

Walking upwards on the slope towards those smudges streaked across the verdant mound drives me on…..the hard baked stony ground was changing, but not dramatically……occasionally I heard rocks shift….perhaps I am not alone in this strange world.

Remnants of what I think could have been vegetation or organic matter appeared between the rocky outcrops….dry and brittle…stooping, my fingers gingerly touched a small stick that seemed to be emerging from between some dusty scarlet rocks…rocks that looked like they were reclining on more rocks upon more rocks…..was there any soil deeper that may sustain vegetation?

The stick had small bumps where possibly leaves or buds once grew…suddenly the outer layer just crumbled at my touch. Underneath, the next part was hollow and it turned to dust when I pressed my fingers to the stick hoping to withdraw it from the ground….this part of this world is very different from where I commenced this confusion.

What was the purpose of this world that once possibly has a vegetative cover….that perhaps sustained some form of life?

The slope up the mound started to steepen…ahead I thought I saw a covering of green….almost level with my eyes so could be far or near….it was impossible to tell due to the steep incline…above that…the glint of light from the dome….above that was blue sky….I can’t remember when I last time I saw clouds.

The Seeker Part 1

…..was many an age ago when the world was new, I emerged from the primal ooze……gazing about the landscape……..looking for the outside as I was still inside even in a world so vast so full, I was still inside.

Days past and the wanderings upon the earth had seen me dry, and wet, as the sun sometimes hid behind thunderous black clouds………the silver rain pelted upon my naked body leaving streaks down my body as the now dry and almost baked on ooze slowly washed away…….and now I shall emerge once again, sun glistening on my skin………washed clean during the storms.

Gathering sticks, I constructed as shelter and a place to hold a fire as the nights were becoming chill and I longed for the warmth.

What manner of a world where I can walk all day, the horizon is further away and I am still inside?

….again……….where I came from is a blur……….I dream at night when I think of there…….a way away.

Sitting on the rock at the mouth of the cave I found………warmth and safety and also dry…… skin feels well healed after the mud was washed, now skin, with a light dusting from the cave floor, a reddish colour.

What is near the horizon…………as I climb, the horizon seems to get further away.  What drives me to seek what is out there? Why is whatever I am looking for, never seem to be close?

As I stay at this cave hoping that the water that falls from those clouds…..dark smudges on an orange and yellow sky, will one day cease in that I may continue my journey.

Looking each day, scanning the landscape for a sign of difference that may become the familiar………….if what I seek exists of course!!

….strange spaces………..they appear. Shapes of what I don’t know. Just above the horizon when the sun is at angle and light seems to bounce.

I keep walking to the horizon and to what I believe to be outside. My renewed body is once again streaked with ash and dust. Water is always near but not enough to be able to wash the dust of the past………….the clouds have seemed to have gone…….except for the occasional white fluffy ones that travel far too fast for what I am used to…..I wish they would stop and give some shelter from the sun.

I am not looking at the spaces that appear any more. I believe that they will distract me and I may end up walking over the same ground…………..not getting to the distance that is a way away.

……the landscape is changing…..the dry dusty plains, where the stunted trees and sparsely leafed shrubs grew on whatever moisture became available.

I moved slowly…….going from shaded patch to shaded patch……resting as my body grew weary and thirst demanded a drink.

Looking upward……the dome glistened but the sun was relentless….hot…dry almost baking the ground on which I walked…… eyes, tracking down the surface of the dome, saw, in the distance, a reflection of deep green…but still there wasn’t a join when I looked to the horizon.

Noting the landscape where I was, I started to head towards the patch of deep green……..hoping I would find solace from the drying heat.

Again, clouds swept across the sky, not staying to give relief…..I noted that the clouds always seemed to travel in the one direction…… I moved with the clouds, being mindful of the markers in the landscape when I first saw the deep green reflection on the dome.

The first marker, a dark shadow, looked not far away…….I could make it there before the sun lowered in the sky and changed the identity of the marker. As I walked I thought of what the shadow might be……would I find anything that may be something that would be for my benefit.

The flat hard stony ground began to slightly slope upwards with the dark shadow becoming bigger……I now could see the land had risen but not like the hills I left behind, more of a gentle slope with a mound like shape with the dark shadow smudged across its face.