Sorry…..sleepy…..can’t – hold – head – up

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: #SquareUp
Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

A bit of something different today for the second last #SquareUp for January. Hands up if you are up for something that you may not see everyday. I don’t but do see occasionally. Who has thought “I know what the photo is” already. Those who know me well will have guessed for sure.

This is such a great song. Try not to tap your feet at the start especially the long version. If you are, have a chair dance with me……..

or if you have time

I found this sleepy bloke in one of the Koala feed trees planted in front of my besties place by the previous owner.

Heading to the top

The last day of Beckys Square Top Photo Challenge

This is an extra #SquareTop as I had only one photo left in the folder I didn’t use, I hope you don’t mind plus I didn’t use this one song and it had to be included as it’s a top song.

20200430_blog challenge_top_bee_flower

For you

Waiting for breakfast

Day twenty-eight of Becky’s Square Top Photo Challenge

2020428_blog challenge_top_gulls_railing_lunch1

The full photo of the Gulls on the railing waiting for the people at the resort having breakfast to leave. On more than one occasion, a Gull would swoop in on a meal. A woman put her plate down and went to get a coffee. Bad move. A couple of Gulls in and out with her breakfast. The staff would try to deter the Gulls but back they came, even ignoring the fake Owl near the buffet.

2020428_blog challenge_top_gulls_railing_lunch

A bit of TOPiary

Number twenty-five in Becky’s Square Tops Photo Challenge

This scene was taken in Tasmania last year. It represents the Returned Service people from the wars. Quite fitting as today is ANZAC Day.

2020425_blog challenge_top_topiary_tasmania

with an equally Australian song. You may get a bit teary, I do.

Teddy Bear on top

Day twenty-four of Becky’s Square Top Photo Challenge

Are you confused by another ambiguous post title?

2020424_blog challenge_top_teddy bear bee_flower_pentas_jackadgery

This lovely little Australian Native Bee is called a Teddy Bear Bee. Isn’t that the most fabulous name

Topless – with apologise to Jo

Day twenty-three of Becky’s Square Tops Photo Challenge
Bren’s Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM – 33

2020423_blog challenge_top_bottles_blackandwhite_monochrome

I was going to do a post called Topless when my good friend restlessjo beat me to it hence the title.