Square Trees #24 – big tree blue sea

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge July: Square Tree

Todays square tree is a Pandanus Tree
Pandanus tectorius is a small tree which can reach 5-6 metres in height comprising separate male and female trees. The leaves have short spines along the edges and on their midribs. The plants are supported at the base by prop roots which help to anchor the plant in sandy soil. The tree may flower throughout the year. Female plants produce large pineapple-like fruits comprised, when ripe, of yellow, red or orange segments containing the individual seeds.
Parts of the fruit of the Pandanus are edible and it is reported to form a major source of food in Micronesia. The ripe segments of the fruit and the seeds can be roasted and eaten.

Your song for today

This is a great place to sit and watch for whales

The roots certainly have a good hold on the ground and are spreading down the cliff edge.

You may remember my Monday Portrait last Monday of the little fellow sitting in the tree. He was a pandanus nut, one of the segments of the fruit of the Pandanus Tree

A lovely shady spot on a warm day


Kate’s Friday Fun: Uprooted
Can you
see the duck
among the roots
a curly tail
a look of disdain
tree root_duck_buccarumbi_named_feb 2016
What do you
make  of this
aged but strong
look again
what can you seetree root_named_home_sept 2014
among the roots
an elephant
of course
perhaps a calf
as well
toward mumtree root_elephant_buccarumbi_named_feb 2016

Once uprooted
we can see
the unseen
that can be
or reality
it’s your