See my reflection

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections of Birds

A quick bunch of birds reflections.

By the swimming pool #1 White-headed Pigeon

By the swimming pool #2 Willie Wagtail

At the waterhole on my place #1 Fuscous Honeyeater

At the waterhole on my place #2 White-throated Honeyeater

At the waterhole on my place #3 Red-browed Firetail Finch

At the beach a Silver Gull

In the wetland #1 a Royal Spoonbill

In the wetland #2 Black-necked Stork

Down at a creek #1 Two Darters

Down at a creek #2 Intermediate Egret

In the river #1 Eurasian Coot

In the river #2 a Pelican

Just an abstract

Creepy images or are they?

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Creepy

There is a bit of swearing in the selected song FYI

Just a few images from the archives. Creepy enough for you?

A Bottle Tree is after you

A shop window from Vienna

Someone in my shed?

A ghost on the water

A ghost ship sails onward

Who or what has appeared in the feature image?

Also for the Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Strange


Jude’s 2020Photo Challenge #41 – Octobers theme/technique:: Seascapes

This week's assignment - highlight a dramatic sunset or sunrise or reflections on the beach

Let’s head on down to the beach and see what we can find

Best friends

Fandango FOWC: Imitate

he said
we should go
and see what is
happening at the sculptures exhibit
Sure I said, that would be.

I said
we may even
see a photo opportunity
and get a photo to remember
look there is a reflection sculpture.

he said
lets get ready
we start to laugh
stop laughing I am shaking
I say trying to stay steady.

I said
are you set
yes he said counting
one two three lets click
here we are imitating each other