Ruby red

The Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Ruby

The Ruby is my birthstone. I have been looking around for anything I may have that is Ruby red besides flowers but to no avail. The archive folders may reveal something so lets have a look and see what we can find. While we’re looking have a listen to one of my favourite Rolling Stones songs.

So many reds to pick from

Terri’s Sunday Stills: A Rosy Outlook

I was wondering what I should post – perhaps flowers, perhaps berries, perhaps man made stuff or blimey lets go with all of them.

Birds? Do I have a photo of Birds?

The word prompt from citySonnet photo a day challenge: Birds

As a matter of fact I do have the couple of bird photos!!!  The latest photos are of a Red-backed Fairy Wren. I spent a bit of time in my garden trying to get a photo or two of a Red-backed Fairy Wren. The usual dominant bird in the garden, the Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were on their game and chasing anyone out of “their” garden. The male Red-backed Fairy Wren was a good target due to his brilliant colouring. So I had to contend myself with a quick photo of the female who was less targeted by the Honeyeaters.

She sat for a while
1809011_blog challenge_bird_red-backed wren_female

and then she was gone
1809011_blog challenge_bird_red-backed wren_female_gone