It’s all L in the end

Cee’s Mid-week Madness Challenge July Alphabet: Letter L at the end of a word



Butterfly – Australian Gull

Silver Gull

Daffodil/Floral (stolen idea from See’s post)

Cloud swirl

Girl (Dirtgirl is an Australian gardening, composting and recycling pin-up. Here she is as a lantern in a parade)

Grey Fantail

Powerful Owl

Willie Wagtail

Aeroplane trail

Roosters tail

Brushtail Possum

A few Owls

Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Owls

I don’t have many owl photos but just a couple to satisfy this challenge

A Barn Owl on a post spotted while driving. Thankfully he didn’t mind the cars headlights.

At the bottom of my place I used to often hear Powerful Owls but never saw them. After the devastating fire which raged through my property, I went to see the damage and found a pair of Powerful Owls whose roosting tree had burnt down. I have gone back to see if I can spot them again but haven’t. The bush is growing back so hopefully they will return to the waterhole area.

Powerful Owls are the largest Owls in Australia and prey on mammals such as Possums and Flying Foxes. They are listed as Vulnerable in my state of NSW.

An Owl in still life