Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Plastic

Where to begin
a plastic bin
filled with
humans left
on the beach
washed in on
the tide
from ships at sea
collected by us
the bucket
a handy find
a toilet seat
blew my mind
A lost toy
sad little boy
Sorry little boat
no longer to float
into the bin
never seen again
seagul flying_named_cabarita beach_march 2015
The beach
a place for
us and the birds
not you
you dirty turds
Enjoy the beach
but please
you bought it down
take it back to town
little tern_named_south ballina beach_may 2018
and we
in tern
will thank you.


What’s on the beach

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Pollution

One day, about a year ago, my bestie and I went to South Ballina Beach to have a pleasant late Autumn day in the warm North Coast sunshine. While we strolled along the beach we noticed a few bits of plastic so we thought we should pick it up. After a while we had gathered enough to have to find a place to put the rubbish we had picked up. Luckily along the beach I found a 20litre bucket so we had somewhere easy to put all we had found.
What we found was plastic. Drink bottles, some with foreign writing so we assumed they came from a freight ship or cruise ship out to sea, 4litre oil containers, shampoo bottles and my find of the day – a toilet seat!!!

Here is our find of plastic pollution that is destroying our oceans, or I should say has destroyed our oceans and marine environment.


So how about when you go to the beach or to a park beside a waterway, pick up a bit of rubbish to help in your small way to help our planet


Sea Turtles eating plastic bags that look like jelly fish, plastic bottles and straws that break down into micro plastics and are ingested by all manner of marine life that fill their stomachs and are unable to pass through, leaving less room for their natural foods, microfibres and microbeads that are used in manufacturing that will always be in our environment. Bio-degradable is a myth unless it is produced from natural products.

Ocean Plastic Pollution