Trick or Treat – The final Past Square – a Halloween Square

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares

we don’t do Halloween as much as the rest of the world, but the merchandise managers of big stores have realised the profits that they were missing out on in Australia so the push for plastic crap is now filling stores. A good Queensland Blue Pumpkin doesn’t work so some enterprising farmers will put over some land to grow orange pumpkins in the future no doubt.

So how come I have a Halloween Square you ask? Well it’s not really Halloweenish but it was a feature of # SpikySquares which I thought fitted in ok

Your favourite Square Trees

Becky’s Square Photo challenge: Past Squares

Here is your favourite #SquareTree judged on number of likes. This was about Bottle Trees in my nearest town

This photo of a not tree drew the most comments

and this was the one that was the least liked tree

Get some perspective

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares

Don’t Think I have delved into the #PerspectiveSquare yet, so why not.

Looking at Blue Ginger Flowers with a Blue-banded Bee scrunched in for a snack

My front fence

Looking down the road from my front gate

I know, don’t play with matches

Across a misty paddock

An Australian Pelican and his reflection

One to test your eyes

Todays squares are pink

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares
Terri’s Sunday Stills: The #Pink Side of October
Cee’s FOTD

Let’s go pink with Becky, Terri and Cee. Mostly #PastSquares but has a few others as well

The birds of squares

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares

I don’t know what to post so how about a selection of birds in squares?

How a lot of photos end up

A quick square gallery