This is February 2019

February didn’t see me taking many photos. I was feeling rather uninspired and a bit flat. A lot of things were happening and I think that a lack of rainfall was one of the reasons I didn’t get out and about finding new and wonderful things to share.

So this month it isn’t a case of getting a cuppa or snacks. I won’t take up too much of your time so scroll on folks

Perhaps this shopping cart sums up my month.
shopping_cart_smashed_lismore_feb 2019

With the heat and lack of rain, the fire crews were doing their best to make sure everyone was safe. From my besties place near the airport, the fire crews and the spotting helicopter flew out every morning.
helicopter_fire_caniaba_feb 2019

An angel of the sky, the Sky Crane does wonders in helping the ground crews put out the fires. We watched as it flew out in the mornings and back in late evening.
helicopter_fire_crane_caniaba_feb 2019
Enough of the gloom. Here’s a Koala climbing a tree. It looks like he has Koala shorts on too.koala_tree_climbing_caniaba_feb 2019

The ever present Australian Raven finding a snack in the garden outside the Art Gallery
australian raven_lismore_feb 2019

I had to include the inquisitive Pacific Heron who was frog hunting on my dam.

The Bar-shouldered Dove doesn’t look all that impressed with the White-throated Honeyeaters sharing the bird bath
bar-shouldered dove_white-throated honeyeaters_bird_bath_garden_caniaba_feb 2019

Up close a Bar-shouldered Dove looks quite pretty even if the wind is ruffling feathers.
bar-shouldered dove_close_bird_bath_garden_caniaba_feb 2019

Every morning and evening, the Ibis fly over the house either to feeding grounds or to their roosts.
ibis_flying_caniaba_feb 2019

A Silver Gull takes a walk along the beach
gull_beach_evans head_feb 2019

There is nothing better that laying under the shade of a Pandanus Tree on a hot day at the beach.
pandanus_under_evans head_feb 2019

Remember the little Sand Crab. Well here he is again
sand_crab_hole1_evans_head_named_feb 2019

The little Blue-banded Bees are buzzing around the garden checking out the Pentas flowers.
blue banded bee_garden_pentas_home_jackadgery_feb 2019
Despite the hot dry weather, the butterflies are returning to the garden. The Orchard Butterflies enjoy the Pentas too.orchard swallowtail_butterfly_pentas_garden_home_jackadgery_feb 2019
At night, the outside Velvet Geckos hang around getting their snacks from the insects hanging around the light that spills from the house onto the verandahs.gecko_window_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2018

The Full Moon reflecting on the water with a rare rain shower at night.
moonlight_water_rain_caniaba_feb 2019

I wonder if the mural or the lock on the door came first.
lock_hands_lismore_feb 2019
OK the sun is setting and here you are at the end already.sunset_yellow_orange_caniaba_feb 2019

I hope you found a favourite

February has been interesting

As usual I have been out and about finding stuff and having stuff find me. There has been some nice moments as well as some that were a bit on the reptilian side. The world still is an amazing place with wonders that has colour from the sky above to the little creatures who live among us. If you love being alive to experience stuff then come with me to the things I find that sometimes take my breath away or make me sit and watch with amazement.

Let’s begin with a wonderous morning sky. Not a barrage of colour, just light bright sky with the most amazing clouds.


This time I am going to get the photos that could frighten some people out-of-the-way early. So if you are scared of reptile have a quick scroll now. I love Goannas, except when the eat my chooks eggs!!  When I can I catch them and move them up the road to eat someone elses eggs ha ha ha. This one was a bit big – around 2 meters and the cat treed him.


You can see how they manage to climb a tree so quickly.


But they have interesting faces.


OK You can stop scrolling here if that was too much for you delicate constitutions.

The dam at the top of the road often has some interesting visitors. The other day two different species of Heron were stalking the edges, a White Faced Heron…


And a Pacific Heron


While a Pacific Baza watched from a nearby tree, probably eyeing off the chooks


The large bits of the world are always easy to see and find but it’s often the small that take my eye. Some bugs just wander into my world, wander about for a while then off they go on important bug business. Remember that Shield Bug


This time the dragonfly flitting about was a brilliant red not like the last one who was more a yellow colour


While the Cassia are in flower the bees buzz about. This bloke was given a pat on the back for a flower visit.


And as always there are butterflies…The Speckled Line Blue was playing catch with another. It was fun to watch one hide until discovered by the other and then they just spiralled into the air until one zipped away and hid.


And the Northern Ringlet – I think – has great spot “eyes” to keep predators at bay.


As butterflies enjoy flowers, so do I, the colours and shapes are a source of great photos.


And again this time a yellow explosion from the ground


Have you ever looked closely at a Hydrangea flower


Silk Tree flowers have great colour and form but do look a bit messy as they don’t last long.


Well the sun is going down once again, February has had a bit of variety hasn’t it?


Thanks for the visit….see you next time