Week 34 – Movement

M’s 52 Weeks Photo Challenge this week is Movement

How much movement is there in two Orchard Butterflies doing their mating dance!!!

170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies07


170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies01

The male actually flies backward towards the female

170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies02


170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies03


170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies06


170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies04


170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies05


170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies09


170519_blog challenge_movement_orchard butterflies08


Tuesdays Photo Challenge: RBG

What a photo challenge!!!! How many photos have Red, Green and Blue colours? I am sure I can find some as I enjoy taking photos of birds and many Australian birds are quite colourful.

But first the jumping castle at the markets certainly has the colours.


The Chinese Lantern flower with a background of leaves and sky.


A Blue-faced Honeyeater and the Bottlebrush flower

blue faced honeyeater_named_home_aug 2016

A Rainbow Lorikeet among the Bottlebrush blossoms

rainbow lorikeet01_named_home_aug 2016

The Orchard Butterfly enjoys my garden.

orchard butterfly01_home_named_march 2016

The Musk Lorikeet about to take off.

musk lorikeet02_named_home_feb 2015

The lovely Eastern Rosella striking a pose.

eastern rosella02_binna burra_named_feb 2014

The feathers of a rooster who used to strut about my place. (More about the rooster here)



Look here to see other photos in the Tuesday Photo Challenge RGB https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/04/25/tuesday-photo-challenge-rgb/

Februarys finds

What a busy February has been. I haven’t seemed to be able to stop, travelling to Orange in the central west of NSW where I saw the roses, and around the north coast as usual. I have seen so many new things as well as some birds and insects to photograph. Here is a batch of birds and insects plus a flower and some clouds found in early February. I am still going through the last lot of photos to find some pretty things for you.

I found this little wattle bird sitting on some broken branch of a eucalypt gazing into some loose bark.

little wattle bird_named_binna burra_feb 2015

In a flash he jumped over to the bark and started digging around.

little wattle bird01_crop_named_binna burra_feb 2015

Nearby, a young Blue-faced Honeyeater was looking rather intense don’t you think?

blue-faced honeyeater_named_binna burra_feb 2015

The Red-browed Finch was happy to have a bath.

red browed finch_named_binna burra_feb 2015


High up in the trees this crazy bird was just sitting there like this for ages. Some Twitter folk have suggested “bird yoga” or just chilling and “catching some rays”. Either way it was funny to see.

crazy bird_named_binna burra_feb 2015

I love clouds when you’re above them. They can look surreal.

clouds_named_feb 2015

This is the only flower photo, a day lily, as some of the others weren’t very good but the next blog may have more as you seem to love flowers as much as I do.

day lily_named_binna burra_feb 2015

This part of Summer is when there are heaps of butterflies around. I have spent quite a bit of my days chasing butterflies lol. I think that this is an Orchard Butterfly. The photo was taken in the twilight in Orange. It was high in the pine when it finally stopped.

butterfly_dark_named_orange_feb 2015

Another butterfly from Orange is this Australian Painted Lady which perched on the ground and only moved a short distance when I came too close.

butterfly_named_orange_feb 2015

I chased this Albatross around for ages as it kept disappearing into the foliage at home. I saw a white butterfly flying around one afternoon and when I finally found where it was perched it was so different to the white butterfly I was chasing. You can just see the white on the edge at the rear of the wings.

butterfly_named_crop_home_feb 2015

My garden has been full of Lemon Migrants flitting about the Cassia and on the Pentas.

lemon migrant butterfly_named_home_feb 2015

My garden always has Line Blues flying about. They are so funny when the come across another Line Blue as the get into a spiralling and suddenly break away and continue their flitting about. This is one of only photos I have of one with its wings open.

line blue butterfly_named_crop_binna burra_feb 2015

I love it when the Dragonflies come buzzing about. They have been zipping alone then hover for a bit and suddenly take off in a direction that I never can pick. This dragonfly kept setting down on the ground making it easy to photograph.

dragonfly_named_home_feb 2015

I also have spent some time chasing bees. They do make it easy to photograph when they stop to collect a bit of pollen but always seem to have a wary eye open for me.

bee_named_crop_binna burra_feb 2015

Another part of Summer has been some spectacular sunsets.

sunset_named_binna burra_feb 2015

That’s all for February so far. Back to sorting the photos for the next blog. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my February finds.

Discoveries in the Garden

This world in which we live has so much to find and discover….I saw so many things when I had a wander a while ago and then having new discoveries at the beach so last weekend was no different.

From the small to the colourful and the things of everyday life as I see then through the lens of my camera, there is always something amazing.

Quite often things can be seen while having a cup of tea in the garden


Which can be quite relaxing as long as the flies don’t decide to visit….and take a bite!!! You can just see him just starting to dig in….


Other insects are not so up close and personal but can still be watching your every move…


Cicadas are the sounds of Summer in the bush. Used to love finding the different types as a kid. I didn’t realise that Cicadas were so hairy


Their wings are so fine


Cicadas have to keep a watch out for birds but this little bloke is about as big as a Cicada


The spring flowers are still about…..the pansys have been flowering for such a long time


and some of the hippeastrums are just starting like this stunning white and pink one


This is the first time I have seen a vine flower with such an interesting flower


The Crinums always have a fine display


The Silk Tree is flowering as well…..such a pretty flower but it was high up in the tree


As for being watched…..this tiny spider in the Ginger flower. Last time he was in the yellow flower in the Wandering on the Weekend blog


I love the mixture of colours and textures that flowers bring to a garden


And quite often, at this time of year, the flowers attract butterflies…..this Orchard Butterfly was making sure I didn’t get too close


Oh well…….the sun is about to set so I better be off…..hope you have enjoyed a walk around my besties garden again