It’s all in the angle

Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge #36: What’s the POV?

Here is what Jude wants us to do

This week's assignment - take a picture of a frequently photographed subject like a flower or a person's face from an unusual POV. How can you create an out-of-the-ordinary shot? 

Here are a couple of examples….what do you think…….Unusual Point of View as requested?

On the forest floor

The Daily Post word prompt: Mushroom

I love finding and photographing mushrooms, toadstools and all fungi that I come across. Here is a selection of some of my finds

A lovely group of mushrooms. I wonder if there is a name for a group of Mushrooms
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom07

The closer you get the yummier they seem
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom08

Such tiny mushroom or perhaps these are toadstools?
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom05

It is always a frill to find mushrooms to photograph in the forest
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom04

They can be in clusters of mushrooms. There I just made that up.
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom03

Sometimes so packed together there’s not mushroom…..
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom02

Sometimes size matters. I always carry a brick when I go wandering with my camera, just in case
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom01

Sometimes the light is just at the right place in the otherwise darkness of the forest floor.
171120_blog challenge_mushroom_mushroom09

These are fungi

There are some thing that live on this world that sometimes seem to be out of this world. Some fungi are plain, some are colourful and others are nothing short of spectacular. I often stop and have a look at them when out on the property for a wander. Here is a sample of what I have found. I don’t know their names except for one or two. I just love their shapes and colours.

From the top or underneath, they are so wonderful.


Sometimes the top can look the same as below….


Yet others are seemingly quite smooth like this “Gold Top” which can be quite hallucinatory.


Sometimes the photo can cause the same effect……


Some are white with lots of bumps.


Some are frilly and orange


Other grow on trees and dead bits of wood. Aren’t the colours and shapes exquisite.


Even when they are old and dry.


This one has great colours. The reds are so deep and it does have a bit of an odour.


Speaking of red fungi. These are small but stand out in the bush.


Sometimes they are orange as well.


The strangest ones are the ones that are quite upright and stand tall, even if they are about 15mms in height. There are a couple that I have found. The orange ones.


But the weirdest ones I have are the tall ones with black “fingernails”


Did you enjoy a walk through the fungi at my place?