Golden Moment

It’s time for a weekly quotation inspired image quote from Debbie at Travel With Intent

“Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.”  Henry Miller

He once was part
of my world,
the bloke down
the road.
He shared
his garden
often walking
through the gate
with treasures
to enrich
my life
to add colour
to my world
giving me
golden moments

Geoff is no longer with us but every so often his gifts of gold appear in my garden
geoffs garden_golden lycras_named_oct 2017

A flower he loved – Golden Lycras



Toowoomba Street Art

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #42: Creativity
Debbie from Travel with intent One Word Sunday: Memory

In January, I travelled to Toowoomba to see my daughter. One thing we enjoy is walking around the city discovering places and things. One day I said I wanted to walk the streets and lane ways to discover the street art. A memory of being in Toowoomba and seeing some of the local creativity on show.

I hope you enjoy a bit of a walk around looking at Street Art.

street_art1_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art2_bear_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art3_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art4_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art5_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art6_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art7_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art8_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art9_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art10_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art11_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art12_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art13_indigenous_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art14_indigenous_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art15_indigenous_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art16_indigenous_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


street_art17_indigenous_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Memory

I was wondering if I should try and find a memory from my archives. I went back to April 2017 and found the most popular post for that month in 2017.

Have a look at Morning to see my memory. Do you remember seeing this post?