South Seas

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Sunday: South Seas

What could be more South Seas than a barnacle encrusted pylon or two
Coconutscocnuts_named_macleay_island_march 2019
and a yacht ready to set sailboat_sails_named_macleay_island_march 2019

Of course what song? A bit of Aussie Rock (thanks Linda)

Which Way – March 7

It’s time for a Which Way post

Earlier this week, we went to Macleay Island one of the many islands in Morton bay. As we had stuff to do, we took the car ferry. Here is the story.
The ferry arrived loaded with cars and trucks190309_blog_challenge_which_way_ferry1
and this bloke

The crew decided on the order of loading

At the first stop, Karragarra Island the truck was the only one to get off.

Next stop was Macleay Island so we were the first car off the ferry
Waiting to head back to the mainland