It looks bad but I was OK

Photo a Week Challenge: Injuries

It is hard to imagine that this happened three years ago. First off I must say that I was alright, not in any pain and there wasn’t any blood running down my leg.

I was helping my bestie clearing away a dreadful weed at here old place. It was a thicket of Rain Tree, a very pretty flowering tree but a terrible pest when the seeds float off into the surrounding gardens and bush. I was working my way through a thicket with my chainsaw and was about to start on another section. I was stepping over some of the fallen shrubs and thought I had scratched my leg, just above my knee, on a branch. Looking down I knew it was a bit more serious than a scratch.

Apparently although I had stopped cutting the chain was still slowing down. I lifted my leg and it happened. I switched off the saw and said to my bestie that I had cut my leg. It looked bad but only just cut the skin and it wasn’t a deep cut. I reckon there wasn’t any blood because the chain and cutting bar on the chainsaw were hot and possibly cauterised the cut.

Enough of the explanation. The first photo I took with my phone while I was waiting for my bestie to change from her work clothes and take me to the hospital.

At the hospital they put in a few stitches and taped me up. I also had to have a tetanus booster shot.

This was a while after the stitches came out.

The best part of this incident was when I went to my doctors surgery to get the stitches taken out, the Nurse wasn’t sure and called a Doctor in to do an assessment. That Doctor is now my doctor as he is so good. Probably the best doctor I have ever had.

Gory – A Man, A Chainsaw and A Leg

The Daily Word Prompt: Gory

This post contains a photo that could make some people squeamish. The title photo is to make you feel good



In February last year, I was helping my bestie clear out some small trees from her place. The trees, Yellow Bells, had become extremely prolific and were in a dense thicket. The trees were only saplings at this stage so it was a relatively easy jobĀ  with the chainsaw. I was going through methodically, cutting and keeping the area free of the fallen saplings. At one stage I was moving back to see where to cut next. I felt what I thought was a scratch on my legs from some of the branches. What is was actually was my leg meeting the chainsaw which hadn’t quite stopped. There wasn’t any blood running down my leg as the hot metal of the chain, I think, cauterised the wound. There wasn’t any pain either surprisingly. I think my bestie was in more distress than I was. A trip to the hospital and a few stitches later I was good as new. No I didn’t get back to work.

OK now are the following photos. The one showing the cut. Yes I did take a “selfie” while I was waiting for my bestie to get a bit cleaner and a change of clothes. One showing the bandaged wound and what my leg looks like now.




181025_blog challenge_gory_chainsaw cut_feb 2017

181025_blog challenge_gory_chainsaw cut_fixed_feb 2017

I thought I should show what it looks like now and just took this photo
181025_blog challenge_gory_chainsaw cut_now