Opposite weather

Nancy has asked for photos of Opposite weather


There has been a bit of rain over the past three years. Still in an area that has been drought declared. My garden is on its last legs. A bit of rain on Christmas Day put water into the water tanks for the house use and a puddle into the day.

180520_blog challenge_saturation_rain path


171018_blog challenge_storm05

Stopping for a drink

I have always had bird baths place around my garden. There are big ones, shallow ones and small ones that the birds come to every day for a drink or a quick splash. I also have a number of containers on the ground and tucked into spots in the garden for the animals that may like a drink, mainly small animals. I fill containers daily in this long drought I am currently experiencing.

One such container is on the garden seat where Satin Bowerbirds like to get a drink. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and looked out of the window and to my surprise a Red-necked Wallaby was having a drink. Wallabies normally drink from the dam. I have never seen a Wallaby drink from the containers in the garden before. She must have been thirsty.

red-necked wallaby_female_drinking_named_home_jackadgery_nov 2019
He mate was keeping watch nearbyred-necked wallaby_male_watching_named_home_jackadgery_nov 2019

You may wonder about the weird colour in the photos. The smoke from the nearby bushfires is quite thick and the sunshine is quite coloured.  Shadows are muted. As you can see there eucalypt trees have dropped their leaves to try and save themselves in this  drought. The Sun certainly highlights the dead leaves. A lot of these leaves are on the road which have been raked away from buildings. The bush where I live is very dry. The only thing that will stop these fires is rain.

I am keeping safe and watchful. The Rural Fire Service is doing a great job keeping everyone safe.

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A Photo a Day Keeps Boredom Away – The Wattles

Debbies word prompt: A photo a Day

I have been trying to remain positive even though the rain has become scarce, the garden is hard to keep water to and the forest around the house is starting to show signs of a lack of water. The usually climatic systems have changed as they do periodically. A lot of Australia is in drought conditions, water is becoming scarce, most farmers are having a difficult time deciding what to do with their stock, whether to plant crops or what to do which is the best for their families. Many appeals have been put in place to assist the best we can. My town is trying to do whatever we can for those west of the Great Dividing Range. Not only are the farms being affected but the businesses in the towns are having a hard time. No cash flow for the farms means a lack of spending in the town. Many appeals are focused on the farms but the small business in towns are suffering as well. No one is spending on the luxury of having a hair cut, getting the kids to the dentist, buying that bit of pleasure whether it be a bar of chocolate or even having lunch in town while you shop for the basics you need to keep your family going.

  I am fortunate that I no longer have stock to feed (only have one chook now) or even have a vege garden (possums have paid price to that luxury) but I have a garden that gives me pleasure. I feel like a bad parent as I decide which plants to water and who I hope will survive. Last year, the dam that I use to water the garden had a leak and the full dam I relied upon to get me though the normally dry Winter, is now around one quarter or less.

Back to the subject of this post. At this time of year, my home is ringed by the heady scent and yellow profusion of Wattles – Acacia fibriata or Fringe Wattle. The dryness has resulted in a reduced amount of blooms and are not the vibrant yellow that normally rings the place.

I have tried to use selective colour to highlight the wattles but as you can see, the dryness of my place has made the highlighting of the yellow of wattles diminished.

180811_wattles_named_home_august 2018

A surprise visitor to the garden

The lack of rain has taken its toll on the garden. Plants are struggling and the dam is down to the last quarter. Last weekend I had to push the float out further into the middle of the dam before I could water the garden. Starting to decide which plants I am going to save and the ones who will have to do the best they can.

See the comparison from last year to this.


But I digress. The reason for mentioning the dry was that, in my garden, is a most wonderful little visitor who hasn’t been around for quite some time. When I first moved here there weren’t many birds, just a raven or two cawking around and the occasional flock of Rainbow Lorikeets flying over head. But one day I heard this sound, I thought sounded like someone rolling a handful of marbles around in the their hand, which turned out to be a Restless Flycatcher. Have a look and hear the sound on the link. I wondered whether they like being around when it’s a bit drier as it was during the early years living here.

I first saw the female but didn’t have a clue what sort of bird she was and couldn’t get a clear photo as she was busy eating a bug.


But then, nearby, I heard him call. So then for the rest of the afternoon and the next day I spent watching his hopping about the garden, singing and being ever so cute. Yes I did take quite a number of photos. Here is a selection of this delightful little visitor to my sad garden.


He just seemed to pose for a while then change around so I saw his many colours and bright eyes


A sneaky rear photo


He looked so indignant that I dare to photograph whilst he was rather ruffled when having a bit of a preen.


But soon set about posing for the camera once again


He loved his close-ups. A front-on


The a bit of this way.


And then this way


What a pretty bloke to have flitting about the garden with his erratic flying chasing unsuspecting insects don’t you think?



Arrive home
no rain
garden dry as…
start pump to water
sky darkens….


Still watering
sprinkles of rain
I say
“bring it on”
still watering….

Dark clouds
how you taunt
small droplets tumble
splash the dust
plants beg
we wait
still watering….

Clouds persist
the dust persists
the garden begs
the dam empties
finished watering….