Do you know how to get to……

I am doing a double for this post. The photo challenge for Paula’s Thursday Special: Way  (this is the second one for Lost in Translation) and Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. It seems that Cee and I have the same idea, it’s just the application that is different. Compare Cees Which Way to mine.

I am sure there were cities of the world on there many years ago
1803027_blog challenge_which way_lismore sign

jupiter najnajnoviji


Which Way – March 16

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge is where you get to see the world’s which ways. Have a look at what you can discover and work out your own Which Way

Which way do you want to go? Visit and go up the drive or head further down the road?
180318_which way_drive_road

Well it looks like this young cyclist decided to go further down the road
180318_which way_drive_road_bike