Goodbye black birds

The final Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge

It’s been fun trying to get photos of Australian Ravens over the past thirteen weeks. They can be allusive and at first I couldn’t post any Raven photos every week. Suddenly I had an Australian Raven in my garden. This Raven drops in most mornings and struts around the garden giving some photo opportunities. A few mornings ago, when seeing me and the camera, he flew into a tree and complained loudly that I was spoiling the morning garden inspection.

Giving me the eye

The morning shower and sitting on one of the favourite spots – the garden bench

Have to go now. So it’s goodbye to the weekly challenge

Just walking around

Tracy’s Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #8

After weeks of frustration of trying to get a photo of one of the Australian Ravens that hang around my place, lately some have taken to just walking around the garden with the swagger only a Raven can do.

20200515_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home

Walking around the garden

Tracy’s Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge 6

Remember previous conversations about hearing the Australian Ravens around my place but not being able to get a good photo. Well a couple of days ago, a Raven was casually strolling around the garden in the late afternoon. So as not to frighten the Raven off I took a few photos through the kitchen window as the casual stroll. Yesterday, the Raven was again walking around the garden. Perhaps it does a garden stroll everyday and I just don’t see it.

Here is the allusive Raven walking around the garden.

20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (3)
What was that?20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (1)
Oh, it’s only you.20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (2)

A Raven dance

Tracy’s Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge #4

I meant to get a photo or two of the Australian Ravens that hang around my place. There seems to be not as many and are being quite shy. So into the archives for the Raven who skipped down the hill.

raven_australian_jump_named_caniaba_august 2019