I am here in a way

Yes, I am around still. My computer decided that over Christmas I should have an enforced blog break.

The timing is so wrong as I’ll be home but unable to post as I have to use this tablet or phone to mainly respond to comments.

What is worse is I am unable to download or view my photos on the big screen. Now I wish I had scheduled some posts as I have somethings to share that I thought you would enjoy.

Oh well, I can’t get the assistance I need until next year but still might try to get back on my blog if I can do something myself. Everything seems to work I just don’t have a screen. I bought a new screen yesterday but my computer is old and used to be reliable so the connection cable is different but then again it could be the video/graphics card has packed it in.

Might see what I can pick up in the Boxing Day sales after juggling finances.

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone 😀🎅🎁🌲🥗🥂🤗