Odd Ball – In the Shops

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Here are a couple of things I have found in shops over the past few weeks. Enjoy my Odd Ball photos

A unique jewellery display
180716_odd ball_bottles_jewelery

He wants you to come in
180716_odd ball_shop_entrance

The cafe sure had big bugs
180716_odd balls_bug

I told you to put the mannequins away
180716_odd balls_manniquin legs

Some Things

Yes folks……it’s time for Cees Odd Ball Challenge. Check out these other wonderful Odd Balls at Cee’s place

Of course I have a few photos to choose from so let’s get into it and let me state the obvious.

An old painted brick wall
180510_odd balls_bricks

Tea pots in a Cafe
180510_odd balls_teapots

Rubber ducks
180510_odd balls_ducks

A box of stuff to keep you entertained while waiting for your coffee
180510_odd balls_box



Odd Balls…..no really…odd balls

Just love Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. Look at other Odd Balls at Cee’s

These are the odd balls I have found over the past week. Yes they are odd balls

A red ball in the garden
180504_odd ball_red ball

A football by the door
180504_odd ball_football

A blue ball in the garden
180504_odd ball_blue ball

A basketball in the paddock
180504_odd ball_basketball

A tennis ball in the water
180504_odd ball_ball water


This Weeks Odd Balls

Some photos you can’t explain. There are quite a few at Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

I found this covering a machine at the hospital. No I didn’t look under the cover
180525_odd ball_label

I love Steampunk fashion. These clothes are for people without arms.
180425_odd ball_steampunk

Thanks for stopping by……would you mind shutting the gate on the way out please
180425_odd ball_gate


Some Birds

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge gives me free reign to unleash some of my “other” bird photos

I wonder if a bird lives in this bird house?
180418_odd ball_bird house

This is the end of a log that fell across the road to my place. Luckily a neighbour came with his chainsaw to cut the log and I could get home. It really looks like a Kookaburra doesn’t it?
180418_odd ball_bird log

A happy bird in a friends garden
180418_odd ball_bird1

This bird is a bit more serious maybe
180418_odd ball_bird2


Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Time for more Odd Ball photos. Some are deliberate and others are the perennial Odd Ball question – Why?

This was in a secondhand furniture store (perhaps they would prefer antiques and collectables) and I had no idea what it was. I just looked again at the photo and realised it’s a……….. (your guess)
180327_odd balls_idontknow

I went to an open house for an old property that is for sale. One of the first settlers in Lismore. The house is over one hundred years old. Did I get some good photos? A couple but I did get a photo this nautical diorama. What is your favourite piece? I like the gum boots
180327_odd ball_diorama
Did anyone have one of these radios in their house? A collection in a cafe in Old Bar.
180327_odd balls_radios

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