Close in the garden

The Friendly Friday Blog Challenge: Close-ups and Macros

As this is a two week challenge, I’ll just pop in a close-up today with a Female Satin Bowerbird. Over the past week the Satin Bowerbirds have taken over the garden. The males are easily distinguished as they are a shiny blue/black. The Females and the juveniles have the same colouring and markings. The immatures stay much the same colouring for around four years when they start to change colour. By the seventh year the moult will produce the black feathers of a male. The males are promiscuous and their bower is an attractant to lure the females.

Here is the close-up of a female Satin Bowerbird in the Honey Gem Grevillea in my front yard. This photo was taken through my kitchen window.

Re-living the Past #5 – the first macros – flower and insect edition

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: Close up or Macro

A Stingless Native Bee on a Murraya flower with an ant looking on – April 2013

My first Stingless Native Bee flying. This little one, 10mm in size, flying past a Hibiscus – April 2013

A Native flower on my place – July 2014

A Torenia flower, getting right in there – Oct 2014

The Hippeastrum flower showing the anthers – October 2014

Another Native flower on my place – July 2014

Inside the red Nasturtium flower – October 2014

A mishmash of Close-ups with a bit of Black & White

CMMC – November Close Up or Macro
CBWC – Black & White Circles and Curves

Let’s look at birds

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Macro or Close Ups

Lisa asked me on my last post what were the names of the birds I posted. I was being lazy and just bunged the birds on the post. So today I’ll do the names of the fabulous Australian birds I have around my place and a few from elsewhere as well.

Willie Wagtail

Easter Yellow Robin

Noisy Friarbird

Bar-shouldered Dove

Grey Shrike Thrush

Rainbow Bee-eater

Royal Spoonbill

Pied Currawong

White-headed Pigeon

Bush-stone Curlew

Silver Gull

Grey Butcherbird

King Parrot feathers

King Parrot

Restless Flycatcher



Tawny Frogmouth

Blue-faced Honeyeater

Rainbow Lorikeet

Sacred Ibis