A few found objects

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #182: Interesting Objects

Some known, some obscure. All guesses considered.

A pile or two

The Tuesday Photo Challenge: Stack

A song to scroll to….not a stack but a pile….I hope you enjoy

Can you have a stack of Fungi?

Is this a stack of chairs?

Books are always in stacks

Someone can come and help me stack the firewood please


The Friday Friendly Photo Challenge: Chair

There was a chair
over there
beside the drawer
Now the chair
is on the floor
near the door20180116_110729.jpg
Oh dear that chair
has found a pair
tumbled on the floor20180116_111106.jpg
A jumble-tumble
stack of chairs
heading down the stairs
Look I can see the floor
The stack of chairs
growing more20180116_111126.jpg

At last the pile of chairs
is no more
just being chairs
on the floor