The word prompt from Bren and Ashley at ryanphotography: Lighthouse

Cape Otway Lighthouse has saved many a life from the rough seas of the Southern Ocean. You can see the shadow of the lighthouse in the bottom of the photo
180818_blog challenge_lighthouse_cape otway_the ocean

The Cape Otway Lighthouse was freshly painted and the maintenance ensures its important place on the coast
180818_blog challenge_lighthouse_cape otway
180818_blog challenge_lighthouse_close_cape otway

Thursdays Special – Winding

Winding…..the theme for Paula’s Thursday Special

I immediately thought of the main idea within the challenge which in part mentions spiral stairs in a quote from Yeats.

The well worn stairs in the lighthouse at Cape Otway in Victoria Australia

blog_winding_lighthouse steps_170323

The stairs in the apartment building we stayed in in Paris. Seven flights made sure you remembered everything before adventuring in Paris.

blog_winding_paris stairs_170323

But also the winding that most photographers do with their tripods


and in the case of my old wine press, lots of winding to extract the lovely juices

blog_winding_wine press_170323

But best of all was the many stairs we climbed to see the wonderful fall of the lights in the Grand Hyatt in South Korea – “….we measure our progress by the number of places where we were but no longer are…”

which way_stairs and lights

jupiter najnajnoviji