In the playground

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Appreciating our #Pets and #Playgrounds

It was serendipitous that yesterday I was walking about and went down to a wonderful kids playground in South Grafton. It was early in the morning so there wasn’t any one about so I could take photos and not be seen as some weird old bloke hanging around a kids playground taking photos 😂 Once a car parked I just went off else where. If you want to see where else I went, pop into my Monday Walk. The park has a Pirate theme

These spring loaded whatevers seem so crazy when you get some kids on them. Here is a Seahorse

A bewildered but happy fish

There are also musical instruments to play. There wasn’t a stick around. As it was one of the neighbourhood dogs kept barking every time I moved. Playing a tune would have driven the dog crazy

I did have a soft thump on the drums

The front of the Pirate Ship and up the ladder

and down the other side

The stern was a climbing paradise

Pets bit. I guess there has been a few around but not many photos or they were taken on an older camera or photos lost in an old computers demise. When one of the last cats was getting old I said no more cats as they are so bad in the bush. One night a tiny baby kitten arrived much to my dismay. My eldest daughter bottle fed it so there was no way that black cat was going anywhere.

Benny, named after Benny the Ball on Top Cat, younger readers ask their parents, as he had a big round head and small ears. My fears were well founded as Benny became a very big cat, I called him the Jackadgery Panther, and was a killing machine. He used to hide in the garden and when the youngest was out playing, he would pounce from the bushes and chase her around the yard. Even local dogs were scared of him. I saw him chase the German Shepherd and a Kelpie up our drive and out the fence, walking back smugly.
It was ironic that the person who had a love/hate relationship with the cat was the only one left at home to become responsible for care and feeding.
After Benny finally had to be put to sleep at a grand age, the lizards and skinks have tails, small birds are in the garden and small mammals are happy to enjoy the garden too.

He used to drag that dog/bear toy all around the house. It would turn up anywhere. Benny used to look embarrassed when caught with the toy

Remembering Benny

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Pets or stuffed animals

Benny the cat, also known as the Jackadgery Panther was quite a formidable character. He has been seen chasing dogs up the driveway off the property. Not small dogs a German Shepherd, a Cattle Dog as well as smaller ones have all felt the sting of a claw.

Old Geoff my neighbour would come visiting and his dog, Callum,who went everywhere with Geoff, would walk with him as far as the front gate and then would turn around and go home. If Geoff drove, Callum would stay in the car.

I came home from work one day and found Benny asleep on the chair with his stuffed dog which he would move around the house as he felt. Yes fierce Benny did have a soft side. Benny has been gone for a few years now. So this fits both prompts, pets and stuffed animals.

A bit stuffed

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Non-Alive Animals

I guess it can be all about stuffed animals in unusual situations

Someones owl fell out of there tree

It’s wash day

Benny the Cat being disturbed while sleeping on his “dog.” He used to drag this dog from room to room.

Wasn’t that song just oh dear…..I think it must have been a talent quest or at least they gave it their best shot

It’s all black

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: All Hallow Eve

Not really an Australian thing but the commercial aspect has taken over with all sorts of rubbish being sold in all manner of shops. I can see so much useless plastic ending up in landfill or cluttering peoples houses until they finally give in and throw it away.

I am concentrating on this part of the challenge ““When black cats prowl, and pumpkins gleam may luck be yours on Halloween!” ~ Unknown.

This is Benny, the cat who terrorised the dogs in our street for many a year. Even after Benny died, local dogs were still too scared to come onto my property, some even crossed to the other side of the road or went home when they saw the gate posts.

He was not too impressed when I caught him sleeping with his dog, a stuffed toy that got carried around the house.

Not scary enough? Maybe this will get you a bit scared lol

Don’t worry it is only a tree


The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Sleep

I was going to come out all Shakespeare or poetic writing but I am too tired so here is a bit of sleep through my lens





190605_benny_with toy_eyes_closed


pelicans_asleep_named_ballina_jan 2018






The Weekly Photo Challenge from Jenn at Wits End: Eyes

I arrived home one afternoon and discovered Benny the cat on a lounge chair with his favourite toy dog. He used to drag that dog all over the house. Well I thought I would get a photo of him with his dog………..then he opened his eyes.

benny_with toy_eyes open_2011_selective colour


Why pick
on black cats?
What have we done?
I am content
resting here.
Look at me.
Come closer
Come closer
my pretty.
will evaporate
as you become
lost in my eyes.
Come closer……

benny_with toy_eyes open_2011_selective colour

*This is Benny.
He lived a long happy life but could be a devil. He could be purring in your lap and suddenly he would attack your arm or leg. All the dogs in the neighbourhood were scared of him. Any dog that strayed down the drive, no matter if it was a big farm dog or small dog, you would always see them running up the drive with Benny in close pursuit.
So I guess it was bad luck for any other cat or dog to wander into Benny’s place.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Pets

I thought of doing a chook series of photos but they are not really pets, they are more a productive unit within the property – food scrap recyclers, egg produces and somewhat a help around the place (have a look here) So instead I have delved back in time to when my girls had pets and of course Benny who died earlier this year.

The rats made such fabulous pets. So many personalities and fun times.
171101_blog challenge_pets_rat

Benny was asleep with his pet dog. He loved that dog and dragged it around the house. You never knew where it would turn up next. He wasn’t impressed with his photo being taken was he?
benny_with toy_eyes open_2011_selective colour

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