Frank at Dutch goes the Photo’s word prompt: Time

I had some
to ask.

I went to ask
a bee
flowers, honey and
things all bee.
The Bee said
“Sorry I don’t
have time”

I went to ask
a Golden Whistler
about a song,
a whistle
in my head
The Whistler said
“Sorry I don’t
have time”
180318_time_golden whistler

I went to ask
a Lewins Honeyeater
the taste of
a Bromiliad.
The Lewins Honeyeater said
“Sorry I don’t
have time”
180318_time_lewins honeyeater

I looked around
with questions
in my head.
Questions of
bees and nectar.
Of songs
of Golden Whistlers.
Of the sweet taste
in flowers
from the Lewins Honeyeater.
No one had

From the green
I heard a
“Sit yourself
inquiring mind,
I have Time”


Which Way – March 16

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge is where you get to see the world’s which ways. Have a look at what you can discover and work out your own Which Way

Which way do you want to go? Visit and go up the drive or head further down the road?
180318_which way_drive_road

Well it looks like this young cyclist decided to go further down the road
180318_which way_drive_road_bike



A Photo a Week Challenge

The word prompt from Nancy Merrill: Green

The wonderful Emerald Dove
170914_letter d_emerald dove


emerald dove_named_binna burra_august 2015

Green Catbirds look like a bird but sound like a cat
171017_blog challenge_bird_green catbird

Doesn’t this fly have fabulous green eyes
170711_blog challenge_bugs_green eyee fly

A shiny green beetle on a green leaf
170711_blog challenge_bugs_beetle_red green

A Green_banded Line Blue Butterfly hiding among green leaves
small green banded blue butterfly_named_home_march 2017


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Bikes

I have been thinking of what bike I could use for this challenge. I remembered this bike made from wire which comes from Africa bought in a local garage sale.

2018-03-17 15.09.19

2018-03-17 15.13.46

Drop into Cees for more bikes




March Squares – number 10

This is more than one photo for #MarchSquare. I call this post The Road Sign Series. Some of these may be new to the overseas readers, some may be familiar. Have you seen any of these before.
There are squares within squares within squares

This is where some road signs like to travel about the countryside
truck of signs

I wonder how long that skinny bloke will have to hold that sign
road signs_turning

Watch out for a ladder on the other road
road signs_traintrack

When was the last time you saw a truck like that….especially a 200 meter truck
road signs_truck

Somewhere on this road is a cow. Can you guess the breed?
road signs_cow

Either it is a small bus or those kids have had a growth spurt
road signs_bus stop

Do not drink and drive
road signs_car swerve

Ahead is possibly a man with bow legs
road signs_narrow

I just wanted to drive not partake in a treasure hunt
road signs_looktrain

If you see this Kangaroo, perhaps you have been drinking. (See above sign)
road signs_kangaroo

I was driving along, didn’t notice the time warp, and ended up in 1927
road signs_train

Please be on the lookout for Koalas on bicycles
road signs_koala

I know my haircut is terrible but do you like my new glasses
road signs_train crossing

I guess I’d better stop now with a circle in a square
road signs_stop woman

Drop into Beckys blog to find out how march square is going