Thursdays Special: Pick a Word

Oh my goodness, has Paula picked some wonderful words for the first Pick a Word for 2018!

candles_binna burra_named_oct 2014

180105_blog challenge_algid_russia from plane


180105_blog challenge_auricomous_spider

180105_blog challenge_festive_south korea

jupiter najnajnoviji



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter T

This is interesting and challenging as I had to think of a subject that had two T’s for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: letter T – Needs to have two T’s anywhere in the word

The lovely Yellow Tufted Honeyeater
180104_letters_double T_yellow tufted honeyeater

And the craziness of a Little Wattlebird
180104_letters_double T_little wattlebird



Share your world

I have meaning to join in with Cee’s share my world for ages with questions are posed by Cee. See what others have told us in Share Your World

What one word describes you best?
Inventive – Often looking for a way to do things using what ever materials are available at the time.

What is set as the background on your computer?
A road sign that I saw a few years ago. The sign was where two lanes merged into one lane. The sign said “FORM ONE LANE” This had been changed to “FORM ONE PLANET”

If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been too?
I have travelled a bit. Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, South Korea, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Monaco, Vatican City.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?
Our natural world is always inspiring. From the smallest insect to the marsupials that are always around me

one planet

041514 sywbanner


Highs and Lows

I don’t often Reblog posts. This is something that really does concern me. I have enjoyed the life in Venice three times over the past years. I have met people and found Venice to be somewhat close to my heart. Debbie has a wonderful series of photos and also talks from the heart.

Travel with Intent

The flooding city of Venice has plenty of water, or so you would think.

untitledDSC0947820171127-1 View from Santa Maria della Salute,  Venice,  November 2017

Parts of the city are flooded each year, including St Mark’s Square, but whilst they are sitting under water, about 90% of the land remains above.


However, the Alta Aqua (high water) now happens more frequently and more dramatically.  Possibly more worryingly, the city also suffers from a lack of water.  The low tides that now occur cause the wooden foundations of buildings to be exposed to the air, resulting in rotting.


Much of this is caused by changed management of the lagoon and waterways.  Reclaiming of land, an increase in motorised transport (including massive cruise ships), and digging of trenches to make the lagoon deep enough to take large ships, have resulted in faster incoming tides and greater wash.


Global warming is taking its toll too…

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Square Sky for December – All thirty-one

Here are all my #SquareSky photos for Beckys photo challenge: Square Sky.  Thank you Becky for doing this photo challenge. I have loved doing it. Did you have a favourite Square Sky?

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Square Sky for December – The others

Only having one photo a day for the challenge meant that some other photos didn’t quite make the cut to be in the top thirty-one #SquareSky photos for December.

Here are the ones who didn’t quite get selected in a slideshow

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Feelin’ Lazy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colours that start withe letter S

I know I shouldn’t post this, but I am not feeling inspired right now. How many of these colours did you have?

Colors Beginning with the Letter S

Safety orange
Sandy brown
School bus yellow
Sea Green
Shamrock green
Shocking Pink
Sky Blue
Slate grey
Spring bud
Spring green
Steel blue

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Water

There are lots of Water photos. Go ahead and have a look at Cee’s place.

There is some water we like and some water we don’t.

Flood water in Grafton
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_grafton flood

The washing up
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_washing up

Heading out of the river mouth at Yamba
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_trawler

A beach on a grey day
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_ballina

Setting course for parts unknown
171230_blog challenge_blackandwhite_water_yacht