Pick a Word – May 2023

Lost in Translation’s: Pick a Word – May 2023

Paula’s words are always interesting. I like how this month all her photos are black and white. Maybe next month I might throw in some monochromes. These words sent me down my usual nature trail with a few others who pop into my posts every now and then.






21 thoughts on “Pick a Word – May 2023

  1. That fibrous birds nest looks super comfortable! I used the word pensive the other day, and the person I was talking to didn’t know the word — what a surprise that was to me!

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    1. That’s part of the words that Paula gives us. Sometimes I see her photo, but still go to my dictionary as some words can have more than one meaning, before I add a photo.
      Are you going to have a go? You don’t have to use all the words. Some people might do one or two 🙂

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    1. Thanks Graham. The sneaky thing is that it is a Dorper Sheep and the wool just falls off. Funny breed and quite popular here as they don’t have a fleece to get sodden in the rain we have here.

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        1. I guess so seeing it is wool. I think it more of a filler type wool. Like doona’s – quilt in the US Maybe Eiderdown without the ducks feathers and wool used instead 🙂

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