23 thoughts on “Hurry up

    1. Thanks Jo. A happy weekend to you too. I have the fire going as it’s rather chilly at the moment. Will be down to 4 or 5C. There was a forecast of snow in the mountain above my place so the cold wind that blows down the mountain may be colder πŸ₯Ά


      1. Oh, my word! How quickly it changes. We have a much needed rain forecast today but I’m off chasing Roman Centurions in the Alentejo so I don’t really care. Take care of yourself, hon!

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        1. Watch out for those Roman Centurions. They often ask for a tip or they’ll give you a tip. They always something pointy in their garb 😁


  1. There was recent incident here in the U.S. where police pulled over a car suspected of drunk driving. They saw some strange shuffling about in the car and a man got out of the passenger side, leaving his dog in the driver’s seat. This brilliant ruse somehow failed to fool the officers!

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