Official doors around town

Dans Thursday Doors

The past few trips to town have been to get my car serviced so that means lots of time to walk around. What really gets to me is the lack of old style doors around town. The heritage building are still there in the main streets but all of the street level shop fronts are aluminum and glass, oh so boring. I haven’t given up as I have to venture a bit further out from the CBD now.

This are the doors to the Crown Hotel. The decorations are etched into the glass.

A second hand business in South Grafton

One of the heritage buildings with all it’s bits and pieces. This photo was taken on an overcast day

The colours are more like this but again in shadow. The sun only shines on the facade early in the mornings, well before I get to town now

23 thoughts on “Official doors around town

  1. That’s a nice collection. I love the Country Council entrance. Those lights are amazing. I also got a kick out of the name of the second hand shop.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

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    1. Thanks Dan. I will get a better photo of the lights as I noticed them more when I was preparing the photo. It is a great name.
      Enjoy your weekend as well Dan. I am starting with a bit of a chilly morning

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