In the playground

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Appreciating our #Pets and #Playgrounds

It was serendipitous that yesterday I was walking about and went down to a wonderful kids playground in South Grafton. It was early in the morning so there wasn’t any one about so I could take photos and not be seen as some weird old bloke hanging around a kids playground taking photos πŸ˜‚ Once a car parked I just went off else where. If you want to see where else I went, pop into my Monday Walk. The park has a Pirate theme

These spring loaded whatevers seem so crazy when you get some kids on them. Here is a Seahorse

A bewildered but happy fish

There are also musical instruments to play. There wasn’t a stick around. As it was one of the neighbourhood dogs kept barking every time I moved. Playing a tune would have driven the dog crazy

I did have a soft thump on the drums

The front of the Pirate Ship and up the ladder

and down the other side

The stern was a climbing paradise

Pets bit. I guess there has been a few around but not many photos or they were taken on an older camera or photos lost in an old computers demise. When one of the last cats was getting old I said no more cats as they are so bad in the bush. One night a tiny baby kitten arrived much to my dismay. My eldest daughter bottle fed it so there was no way that black cat was going anywhere.

Benny, named after Benny the Ball on Top Cat, younger readers ask their parents, as he had a big round head and small ears. My fears were well founded as Benny became a very big cat, I called him the Jackadgery Panther, and was a killing machine. He used to hide in the garden and when the youngest was out playing, he would pounce from the bushes and chase her around the yard. Even local dogs were scared of him. I saw him chase the German Shepherd and a Kelpie up our drive and out the fence, walking back smugly.
It was ironic that the person who had a love/hate relationship with the cat was the only one left at home to become responsible for care and feeding.
After Benny finally had to be put to sleep at a grand age, the lizards and skinks have tails, small birds are in the garden and small mammals are happy to enjoy the garden too.

He used to drag that dog/bear toy all around the house. It would turn up anywhere. Benny used to look embarrassed when caught with the toy

17 thoughts on “In the playground

  1. First off that playground looks delightful and filled with fun features. Yeah, I joked with Graham about someone of any gender lurking about a playground with a camera, best to do when no one is around, LOL! I bet you couldn’t resist tapping on those drums, Brian! Oh, but your cat Benny! What a handsome boy he was. What a great “tale” of his life and times around the bush! Glad he survived as long as he did! We don’t have any cats (except a cougar or two) here and the few I’ve seen are feral. They don’t last long with the wildlife and eagles around. Great to see this fun post!

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    1. Thanks Terri. I am going to have to find a random kid and go to the park and bang away on those toys πŸ˜‚ The kids love them for what I’ve heard.
      I was sure I wrote the story of Benny before. Even eagles would scared of him πŸ˜‚

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  2. Benny definitely looks like a cat not to be messed with. Those eyes! I love the pirate ship in the playground, but every time I see those spring loaded animals, I can’t help but picture some poor kid being ejected into orbit!

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    1. You have that right. He would just latch onto you for no reason. He was a killing machine. He dragged a wallaby joey through his barely open casement access window which is about 1.2 metres high. It weighed about 2kg
      I agree about the launching pads loaded and ready. The kid would love it, at least until the landing, but the Mum or Dad would horrified 😲😲

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