Big and small and beautiful

Denzils Nature Photo Challenge #13: Butterflies

This is a difficult photo challenge mainly because of choice. I don’t want to leave any butterflies out but if I don’t get tough you’ll be here for far to long. What I have is 1,966 photos in 56 folders, each folder is a different species of butterfly.

What I decided to do is just go through some older photos I have posted over the years, hopefully picking a few of my favourites for you to enjoy.

Australian Gull Butterfly

Small Green-banded Line Blue Butterfly

Common Crow

Blue Triangle Butterfly

Lesser Wanderer Butterfly

Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly

Black Jezebel Butterfly

Caper White Butterfly

Blue Tiger Butterfly

Dark Grass Dart Butterfly

Meadow Argus Butterfly

Common Eggfly Butterfly

Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly

Ringed Xenica Butterfly

Wanderer Butterfly

48 thoughts on “Big and small and beautiful

  1. How wonderful to have so many photos of butterflies! These here are really pretty ones, and my goodness, you must have patience to catch their picture when they are standing still. 🙂

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  2. Wow!! Your selection is amazing, so many beautiful ones you picked out for the rest of us to enjoy.
    if I had to choose a favorite, which is not easy, it would be the Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly, but they are all lovely!!!
    And I must say that I’m impressed by your large, and as I understand it, well organized archive. 😀

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    1. Thank you Anita. I had to catalogue all my photos to try and find things when I need to and of course it just grew as I found more.
      Some like Line Blues are small and hard to tell apart, so they are lumped together until I can ID each species 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jo 🙂
      I am going OK despite my body falling apart piece by piece 🙄 As for my mental stability, that has always been in dispute 😂
      Hope all is going well for you and Mick 🥰


    1. Thanks Susan. Black Jezebels are a favourite too. On the inside of their wings is white so when they fly predators see a strobe effect and confuses them 🙂


  3. Your name for the post is perfect Brian, as they are all of that and more! Incredible colors and distinctive beauty for each and every one. Most, despite living in an area with MANY butterfly species, I’d never seen before. Fabulous!

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    1. I enjoyed looking at all of the other peoples butterfly posts on Denzils site, many of which I had never seen of either. So many endemic species around the would 🙂


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