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I found a small cottage that was recently renovated by the looks of it, probably for selling. I love the colours of the shrubs and the house with the white pompoms. I don’t think many people use the front gate. I think it looks like it may be a very nice wrought iron gate too. Maybe the garden was done by a landscapers for the sale and these residents have inherited a garden and aren’t gardeners.

19 thoughts on “Part door

  1. That’s a great capture. Our neighbor of 25 years worked for decades creating a beautiful garden space in his small yard. Our new neighbor tore all of it out because he wants a pristine green grass lawn. It’s sad. I hope the new owners of this house like the garden.

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    1. Thank you Dan.
      Isn’t that the worst….and then you get the lawn mower noise as well. I hope the moles or groundhogs or what ever tunneling animals you have there, discover his lawn.

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    1. A lot of Australian families tend to have more back door use than front door. I remember when I was a kid, I always went around the back when visiting my mates.
      These people probably do too. Drive the car in the garage and go in through the back door. And do the same when walking 🙂

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      1. Most people here still use the back door.
        My house is a back to front L shape and what used to be my old back door on the bottom of the L is now my front door! My old front door at the top of the L is now Victoria’s front door! Visitors get confused and most of them turn up at my door!

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