A rainbow of moods

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Mood

Discovering your mood using the way of the ancient ones.

Stand up and show everyone how you feel

It feels good to strive for what you need

Share happiness with a friend

or throw a joyous party

It’s ok to want to be alone

But peek out every now and then and say hello

The feeling that someone is always looking out for you

Feel the love

The feeling of freedom and spreading your wings

Sometimes life can be annoying

and maybe leave you feeling a bit grumpy as you remember

the calm and peace of having a bath on your own

41 thoughts on “A rainbow of moods

  1. The photos are fun, colorful and moody. Your words brought so much more to this post. This could be a book. The alone photo made me laugh as I feel like that sometimes, and the bath photo is quite cute!!! Well done.

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      1. I didn’t realize that there were that many Lorikeets. When I remembered you mentioned rainbow I found the right one. Bird life around me are some ways very different from the South African bird life I’m used to. Even NZ has a variety of different birds.

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