Red white and blue

Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Red, White and Blue

I was looking through folders looking for anything I might have had that was red, white and blue, other than a flag, was tempted to make something that is red, white and blue.

In the end my laziness won out. A lovely red bottlebrush flower being tasted by a Blue-faced Honeyeater from a few years ago

21 thoughts on “Red white and blue

  1. Those honeyeaters (which I only know from your photos) look kind of freaky to me. It’s a good photo nevertheless. And well done on the red, white, and blue. I was tempted to show a French flag, or possibly a Dutch flag but I smurfed out.

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    1. Thanks Elke. Close up photos of some birds can make them seem rather odd. You did smurf it indeed.
      Only Smurfette knows why Papa Smurfs tongue is blue πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚

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