The king of the garden

Don’t Hold Your Breath’s Bird of the Week – Week X

King Parrots are found all along the East Coast and ranges of Australia. They range from Cooktown in Queensland through to Port Campbell in Victoria. They are found in rainforests and wet sclerophyll forests.

I always have King Parrots in the garden. I occasionally put out some seed for them and the other seed eaters. Sometimes I get reminded that they are around and perhaps may enjoy a snack. They seem to know what part of the house I am in especially a male I call Tiny. He was smaller than the others and didn’t move away when the others went elsewhere. Sometimes he follows me around the garden.

The male King Parrot is the only parrot in Australian with a completely red head

The female King Parrots are green headed

The juveniles look like females until puberty and those male feathers start to emerge

Quite often they are a bit of fun to have around

Sometimes they enjoy a good squabble

26 thoughts on “The king of the garden

  1. How cute 😀! Parrots are not native to Germany but somehow there is a big tribe of the green ones living near where I live. For a long time, I used to see a lot of them at the big tree outside the train station here. Looks like the tribe became too big for one place and so some of them found a new home. I never manage to capture their photo though. What can I put in my garden to invite them for a photo shoot 🤔?

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    1. Thanks. I saw Green Parrots in Barcelona but no where else when I have been in Europe. If you can but wild bird seed in a pet shop, that would be best but seed also may attract other birds which is OK as long as they aren’t a pest species and may also attract rodents 🙂

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