This is April 2023

It was a mixed bag for April. The start of the month was rather wet and then it became hot and dry again and the last few days have been drizzly. All this made for good time to be in the garden. I planted some cuttings and re-potted other cuttings for Spring. The wet Autumn has meant not much mowing was done but when I had the chance off I went for almost three hour rides around the place.

I had Taiwanese guests for one night this month and they were so nice. He spoke English and she, only a small amount so we did a bit of sign language chat. I also have a sore heel which is fine in the mornings but aches when I stop doing stuff so other than sitting around in the afternoons.

I have posted a bit of what I found in other posts this month so they aren’t replicated here. These are all new.

Here is your scrolling April song. A Aotearoa New Zealand band with some Aussies into the mix

Now that has woken you, here’s a sunrise trying to break through the clouds and fog

Sometimes if I am having breakfast in the sunroom I can feel someone watching me. I guess Tiny wouldn’t mind a bit of seed for breakfast as well

A few mornings ago a Crimson Rosella and his mate dropped into the garden for a few minutes

I went to do a bit of tidying up in this garden. When I crawled in under the Grevillea I found a Satin Bowerbirds bower, the courtship area where the male dances and sings. If the female reckons he’s good enough, they’ll head off and make a nest in a tree nearby.

This bird was sitting on the branch in silhouette and hard to identify so I was trying to get a photo. I did get a couple which are dark like this one.

I was down at the Clarence River in town getting some random photos like this jetty when I get photo-bombed by an Australian Raven.

He thought it was so funny

At least I was able to get a few photos eventually.

Standing on the jetty I noticed some bubbles coming to the surface and suddenly there was lots. I have no idea what was under the water. The river is a murky brown unfortunately.

Not like the water in my dam at times when the Cape Water Lilies flourish

Often in my photo of butterflies and bees, occasionally birds, who feed on the Pentas flowers you just get to see a flower. Here is as much of the bush as I can get into a photo. To the left is a Bi-colour Dietes which has just finished flowering. On the left is a Lomandra, a Fan Palm trunk in the shadows and below Walking Iris

I didn’t notice until too late that the Camilla sasanqua had flowered. This is the last flower

The rain early in the month had some fungi appearing

These were almost side by side. The above was bigger than in the photo. I couldn’t get it all in whereas the one below was a easy macro

The toadstool as it was in the morning. By the next day the cap had fully opened

I posted an Orange Lions Tail Hibiscus on Friday. This is another look at the flower so you can see why it’s called Lions Tail.

A different tail, an Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly

This is called find the Grasshopper. The green leaves are a Native Violet that just appeared in the garden

On afternoon’s sunset tinged the clouds in tangerine

When it was a bit wet outside, Perons Tree Frogs liked to hang out on the verandah, competing with the Geckos for the insects attracted to the house lights. This is from inside look at their feet and pads hanging only the glass.

From the outside. A rough skin with small green spots. Those feet are big.

There were a few nice moon events over the month. A lot of nights there was cloud cover. When Our Moon shone it was quite bright.

I enjoy mixing Eucalypt leaves and branches against a full moon.

One night the halo around the moon was very bright throwing rainbow colours through the clouds for a moment until the clouds swallowed the moons light

I hope you enjoyed a roam through my April. As always did you have a favourite?
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34 thoughts on “This is April 2023

  1. Quite a watery post from you, Brian. I enjoyed the jetty photos taken from different perspectives. The tangerine clouds are so lovely. So nice to see your frog too. I guess it is hunting insects attracted to the light. Strangely enough, we recorded a plains froglet and common eastern froglet croaking in our yard. First time visitors but it is certainly ducks and frogs weather.

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        1. I have quite a number outside plus four who have staked out territories inside. one in the loungeroom, one in the dining room, one in the hall and one in my bedroom, all living behind pictures on the wall

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  2. Nice shots of all things April, Brian! Great capture of the photobird-bomb 🙂 Hope you heel heals soon, it is plantar fasciitis? That’s what I’ve had for years–I swear by the arch supports. Yesterday I was weeding and worked a big blister onto the palm of my right hand. Also, I was looking for your last on the card post. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Terri 🙂
      Yes that’s the name. I never remember the name. Years is not what I need to hear Terri I am over it after a few months. I wear gloves but more from the wariness of meeting any insects who may have a bite than blister prevention. Hope you had a fun day in the garden. The Last on the Card post will be out later.
      Have a great night 🙂

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    1. Thank you Natalie. Another two Ravens came along and all three sat well apart, so by the time I had them all in one photo they started to take off not before having a good squawk at that as well 🙂

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  3. I am in awe of your moon captures. The one with behind the leaves is particularly enticing.
    You mentioned Taiwanese guests – how did you meet?

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    1. Thank you Ju-Lyn. It is easy to get the moon behind leaves when you live in a forest 🙂
      I am an AirBnB host. They found me 🙂


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