Rockmaster, a Percher and maybe a Flutterer

Denzils Nature Photo Challenge #10: Dragonflies

Welcome to my world of Dragonflies and some Damselflies. Be prepared for an overload. I have had a go doing an identification and naming them but some I’m not one hundred percent sure

This was a very compliant Damselfly, could be a Sapphire Rockmaster. Let me take a good number of photos

Dragonflies come in many colours. A lot of the time the females are yellow

They are so hard to photograph flying

A Scarlet Percher just perching I guess

Possibly an Australian Duskhawker

A Graphic Flutterer

I thought I only had one type of Damselfly but doing this exercise I possibly have three different Damselflies. This is a Common Bluetail

Damselflies seem far more dainty than Dragonflies as this Swamp Bluet shows

Now for the XXX rated section. If displays of raw animal….eeerrrr insect sexuality. I have seen a few posts with this sort of content so I reckon it’s ok for me to post intimate photos.

If you think you may be offended stop here please have a think and if you still want to bail out, go right ahead. It’s not as though they are spiders or snakes, just a couple of Dragonflies gettin’ it on.

Everyone else please continue………

Dragonflies can do it anywhere – with anything handy at the time

This is a favourite position

How do I tell visitors that Blue Skimmer Dragonflies are having sex on their car aerial

Not once but two different times

This is the I’m too tired position

I guess there’s only two positions. I doubt totally upside-down would work. I have never seen it.

In case you’re wondering, Damselflies do it too……once this female works out what she has to do

30 thoughts on “Rockmaster, a Percher and maybe a Flutterer

    1. Thanks Rebecca. The easiest is telephoto and zoom in. I sit in one spot where they are flying around and landing. They have a favourite perch at times so sit as close to that as possible

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  1. I’ve never seen dragonflies “doing it” and, well, now I’ve seen everything! 😳 I didn’t know about damselflies either. Such an education I’m getting 🤓

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  2. Bobby Darin alerted me to the goings on in the insect world when I was young :” When you see a gentleman bee/ Round the lady bee buzzin”/Just count to ten , then count again, there’s sure to be an even dozen … Multiplication, that’s the name of the game…. (Multiplication circa 1962). great shots.

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    1. I must say similar here also.
      Who was it, Dean Martin? “let me tell you about the birds, and the bees, and the flowers, and the trees”


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