Pick a Word – April 2023

Thursdays Special: Pick a Word April 2023

Paula’s words this month are the usual bit of thinking needed. Here are the words and my interpretations

Street art in Lismore

One of the cows at sunset series

The Bay of Fires in Tasmania

Looking south from Emerald Beach. I guess I could have used the foreground for crag too

These are the tools of a First Nations person. A smooth river stone that has been chipped into a sharp edge using the other stone. You can see all the bits that have been flaked off making the hand axe. The stone axe fits perfectly in my hand and would have been easy to use.
I saw a show on TV where heavy things, made from rock usually, were left behind as they were heavy to carry around. This was more for seed milling grinding stones than for an axe. I wonder if they became annoying while on walkabout and were discarded and never found by anyone else until they were found on my place.

This is my favourite and one of the first photo challenges I followed. Have you thought about playing along? You can just post one word as Paulas title suggests Pick a Word, you don’t have to do all five.

22 thoughts on “Pick a Word – April 2023

  1. Amazing shots, Brian. It’s nice that you are still enthusiastic about this challenge. And I am grateful, and for all the visual ttreats you are giving us. Gorgeous entries! Bovine silhouette, bay, everything.

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    1. Thanks Paula. Your lovely comment appeared in as “Someone” I am so glad that you are able to keep this wonderful challenge going xx


  2. Perfect illustrations of the words. The mural is really eye catching – or should I say mouth catching? Cow silhouettes against sundowns from you look always great.
    My favourite is the crag picture, though. The colours are great but the composition with the tree stems in the foreground is wonderful!

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