Know your animals

John’s Cellpic Sunday

When growing up, one of the earliest things learnt was the names of animals and where they lived. Quite often there were all manner of puzzles and toys to learn from.

I am not sure what farm these are on but I am glad it’s not next door…….except for the Elephant. I’d offer to babysit the Elephant if needed. There was a bit of a mix up somewhere in the production line.

18 thoughts on “Know your animals

  1. The other thing I love about these sets is the complete disregard for scale. Even as a child I knew that a duck is not as big as a lion.
    I did love my farm animal set, which did have farm animals and my zoo set. Britains used to, and possibly still do make wonderful sets of animals and miniature figures.

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    1. I know right! I was trying to ignore the horses feelings on the matter. Like ignoring the positions of the animals and the packaging. Sp many “naughty” comments came to mind 😂

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