52 thoughts on “Monday Portrait – 24 April

    1. Oh I should have explained. Just like Wordless Wednesday, Macro Monday, Silent Sunday they don’t have hosts. Just a hangover from the old WP Prompts of years ago that people have kept going


    1. Oh Shelley I thought you would know a Red-necked Wallaby’s on my blog by now. The little Joey standing pensive in my garden was lovely to see through the kitchen window πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah, shame on me, I was going to say Kangaroo…are they the same? You’ve probably explained them to me before too. πŸ€”
        I don’t get out much – all I see are the one Red squirrel and birds and occasional turkeys and deer.
        I do adore seeing the little Joey in your photos – in your yard, so close to you, that’s so FUN!

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        1. Yes both Kangaroos and Wallabies are macro-pods. Kangaroos are much bigger and prefer open ground. I have Eastern Grey Kangaroos every now and then in the bottom part of my property as it was open areas where powerlines go.

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