Still life observations

Lens-Artists Challenge #246: Still Life

Creating still life images in the home from the small and colourful…..

…….to the jumble of chairs

or making your own from bits and pieces

or finding fun at party time

Looking for the simplicity with colour

or dramatic lines

Still life can be outside too

or inside of an artists studio and house. Some of these photos you may have seen before

The above are from the permanent exhibition of house of the Australian Artist Margaret Olley reconstructed inside of the Tweed Art Gallery

29 thoughts on “Still life observations

  1. Interesting variety, Brian. My favourites must be the flowers in the bottle and the dramatic glass – is it in a window? The jumbled chairs too.

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    1. Thank you Anne-Christine. Yes it is a bit of a dirty window with a just washed martini glass on the kitchen bench. I loved tumbling the chairs about 🙂


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