An op-shop find

Johns Cellpic Sunday

Often when I am in an op-shop, or thrift shop, charity shop wherever you’re from, sometimes some things need a photo and my phone is usually what I have to hand.

My first thought was, what was in the tin? The badly dressed child, spots and stripes….pleeeeze, offered not much of a clue. Unless it was a tin of pigeon food
“Look Daddy, they come right up to your hand”
“It makes it so easy to grab them,” said a child with a bit of a grin.

Perhaps it is a personalised tin with a picture of the grand-daughter for Nana.
“Hey Nana, look what I have for you,” that child devilishly said, “A lovely tin of squab for you.”
“They are grain fed and I caught them myself.”

Your turn, what do you think was in the tin?

31 thoughts on “An op-shop find

  1. My guess is it originally held some kind of lemon cookie (probably round and quite hard), but that it eventually held someone’s secret stash of candy they didn’t want anyone to find (ha!)

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