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Lens-Artists Challenge #245: Environments

I have been mulling over this post since I composed it lateish on Saturday night. My thoughts went with the first thing I thought of when I read the word Environments. Of course I went into my bit of nature to try and show different Environments Not sure if I had finished the post and a being a bit tired I gave it a working title, into drafts it went. I have left the draft title

Since doing my post I have seen a lot of the other responses from those people I follow and they have showcased their worlds environments and/or where they have been. These posts have been joyous to see as I don’t see a lot of urban environments as much as I used to. I hope my version makes you smile too.

What is an environment? Have a look down there with me to start and who knows where we might end up.

When you have time, try to really look at a forest floor. Some of the oldest life forms exist down there. Let your imagination see who could live in that tiny world.

Wouldn’t you like to be at the beach every day, waiting for the tide to recede so you can roll out some sand balls from your burrow, the sand the incoming tide swept into his hole only a few hours earlier. The very industrious Sand Crab.

Is your environment edible and basically for the next few days or weeks, all you want to do is examine your environment to see how it tastes.

Every environment must have a splash of colour every now and then. Everyone helps each other in their quest for existence

If the current situation doesn’t seem to fit any more, just do a few changes. The environment can adapt, Better to be in the skin you’re in but a new one is nice every now and then

Most environments rely on water to some degree just that water in a desert can be harder to find than in a rainforest. After a rain, everyone can get a drink, sometimes from a little water store before the sun melts it

Humans have always imposed on the environments generosity so it is lovely to see nature just taking back a bit of space

To every stern face that can be encountered out there………

……..there is always someone to have a laugh along with

Even if you feel a bit stuck within your environment

There’s a world out there no matter how small. Let your imagination see who could live in that tiny world.

36 thoughts on “What’s your space

  1. Brilliant response, Brian! I love how you think. But you remind me of a question I’m always asking myself and have been too lazy to Google. How do crabs breath when the tide comes in? I’m off to find out, right now!

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  2. Well Brian, you have created a masterpiece for us this week! Absolutely loved your approach – so very clever and entertaining as well as thought-provoking. The images are amazing, each one enhanced with your thoughts and humor. Terrific!!

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  3. Brian! I think this must be my favourite post from you – so clever and fun. The approach is absolutely fantastic – what an idea. I only wish I had thought of it myself…! Thank you for posting this.

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