This Weeks Spam – 17 April

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 15 2023

My theory of having a post, Last on the Card, as a Sticky Post that somehow attracted spam proved the theory. I had six last week but this week there are considerably more but I’ll get to that.

  • Let’s Start with EvansWarutere who seems genuine but I’m not sure, His website doesn’t do much yet when he commented on my post Colours across the fields with


That’s where this aspiring sports journalist may not make the cut but I still hope he has an owesome day.

  • Another copycat is Claire Atherton from who commented on my post Colours across the fields with that good old stand-by, copy my comment in the post and let me see it again.
  • “Great job, Denzil! These tulips are fantastic in your photos and stand out against the other plants in your post. I love the colours and the way they arestretched out in your photos. I wonder if these tulips will be selected as a cultivar or discarded as not perfect. I like them a lot!”

Maybe Denzil would like to read it again too while we consume your muscle building drugs.

  • This from no name just a web name, disappointing. At least have some half arsed attempt at a name when sending me your website as if I hadn’t seen it before. The brilliant comment on my post The post office clock
  • Bulut Muhasebe Programı Akınsoft Octocloud Efatura Earşiv fatura Web tabanlı muhasebe programı ile istediğiniz yerden faturanızı kesip finansal işlemlerinizi takip edebilirsiniz.

No worries champ, when I am in the market for an octocloud from Turkey, you’ll be the first one I’ll contact

  • Along came our friend, Joanna Davies with her ever present website where I can buy cannabis oil products, commented on my post The ever widening gap….
  • “Gap could spell disaster if they don’t fix their quality control process!”

I am glad for your concern Joanna but that old house is a bit far gone for a bit of quality control

  • This is where things get weird. This is the first post from our magical guru and all round fixer of stuff Jeunemaitrespirituelegnon from who commented on my post Doors at the gallery

“When you look at me, you’ll see the one you were with, you’ll miss the one you lost, and you’ll realize the value of what you’ll never have again. You have a broken heart and you want to recover this lost affection, be without fear with the sure emotional return you will succeed in recovering what is yours. Do not hesitate to submit your problems to me.

– WhatsApp number: +229 XXX XXX XX

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What it is though, I blocked him last week and this week I had another EIGHT spam comments

On my post Marilyn to Mao this comment

“When you look at me, you’ll see the one you were with, you’ll miss the one you lost, and you’ll realize the value of what you’ll never have again. You’re heartbroken and you want recovery”

I am sure they are the lyrics from the Steven Stills song Love the One You’re With

and on Looking for a snack

“Vous qui aviez des problèmes, des blocages au travail, où qui êtes déranger dans vos sommeille pas des esprits mauvais et vous souhaitez finir avec cela. Où vous allez envie de connaître ce que l’avenir réserve à votre couple. N’hésitez pas à me contacter, avec la voyance exotique que vous auriez à faire depuis chez vous, vous serez sauvé. Pour plus d’informations appelé le….. Où envoyé un message WhatsApp au ….où pas Gmail sur…….

Then on Doors at the gallery

“Internal clairvoyance
Your home is disturbed and all the time there are arguments, misunderstandings, misunderstandings between you. You even got to the point of divorce yet you love each other. These problems are not natural, it is spiritual, these different problems and adequate solution will be revealed to you through internal clairvoyance.”

I’m all up for a bit of internal clairvoyance as long as probes aren’t required

And on Wordless Wednesday – 12 April

“You who have lost the happiness of a married life and all respect from your beautiful families. The problems accumulate day by day, you do not have peace at work where you have already lost your job. Stop complaining………With external clairvoyance you will be satisfied, leave me a message”

Love the idea that now i can also get external clairvoyance, definitely no probes needed there. Anyway, I wonder where you were six years ago when I lost my job…..some external clairvoyant

The next three from Jeunemaitrespirituelegnon are in french but I have punished you enough.

Despite blocking, some of the eight comments appeared in my comments and I put them into spam for your enjoyment

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  1. Brian, this one really cracked me up – at least the spam was good for SOMETHING! come to think of it, I haven’t cleaned mine out lately, I’m sure its 40 or 50 pages long by now….sigh. One has to wonder….

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  2. Wow! What a busy week your spam box has had! 😆

    I have a few gems this week, but I thought I’d share some revolutionary advice from
    Sprinter Van Shops Near My Location: “It’s the most effective way to do whatever!”

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