My garden #1

Bren’s In My Garden #15

I have a photo that’s not the best but is something that was in my garden a few nights ago. I heard this familiar but strange noise outside. Using a torch I found a couple of Northern Bandicoots having a bit of a disagreement. I thought I’d grab a photo so picked a camera, flicked on pointed into the darkness and the flash went off.

I liked this crap photo so decided to play a bit to try and enhance the image. The whitish spot in the middle is a Bandicoot. The camera setting wasn’t right that for sure. The focus was on the branches in the foreground and the top steps. I also applied a few other effects. What do you think?

Wanna join in on this fortnightly challenge …..

This is a simple fortnightly challenge, post an image taken In the Garden. Your image doesn’t have to be floral it could be a statue, garden wall, anything that you find in a garden be it your own garden, a friend’s garden or even a formal garden. Tag your image IntheGarden and create a pingback to Bren’s post

A few people have had to look up what a Bandicoot looks like. I should have added a better image of a Bandicoot. Here is a Northern Bandicoot

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  1. It is amazing what we find in our gardens and a great find… every night, we hear the foxes calling… my dog has started to ignore them now.. I’ve just looked up what Bandicoots are.. they are gorgeous…but I bet they make hell of a noise when arguing πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. They are except they are good at digging especially in newly planted garden beds. I am digging the garden soil now and leave it for the Bandicoots to give it another good turning over.

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      1. Your bandicoots fighting noise comment reminded me of when Joshua was at university.

        Joshua and his house mates arrived back at the house at the end of the day to hear the noise of two rats having a fight in the kitchen.

        He and his friends packed up and travelled home to mums and dads until the landlord had sorted the problem!

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        1. I once found evidence of rats in my utility room when my husband was away. I contacted the rat catcher, a gap next to a water outlet pipe was found, but that night the rats held races above my bedroom ceiling. I packed a bag and moved into a hotel !

          Just for the fun of it, I booked into two different hotels so that I could compare. I had two nights in each, breakfast and evening meals and I used my husband’s credit card!

          A similar thing happened three years ago but this time I sat it out. πŸ™‚

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        2. I am lucky I have Carpet Snakes and other things that don’t mind a rat snack, although the current conditions weather wise are setting up for another winter of mice plagues. The last one was bad enough at my place but in the grain belt it must have been a nightmare

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        3. There are lots of horror stories. My Mum told me of having to put the legs of the beds in pots of water so the mice didn’t get you at night.


  2. Oh, my goodness – that’s just horrible, those poor people that were affected! ☹️
    P.S. apologies if you receive two replies. I wrote the first and clicked SEND but my device says I haven’t sent one! πŸ™‚

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