36 thoughts on “Reflections in a piece of art

        1. It was still amazing and the layers of beauty (and vibrancy) came through via photo
          But in the reader – the small version had a slightly startling image
          But on closer inspection the photo changes many times
          The geometrical and designs – it is so interesting via photo too

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        2. Thanks Yvette. Reader is ok in most cases on my PC except where there are multiple photos then I have to go to the actual post, which I do a lot of the time 🙂

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      1. Somehow my algorithm seems to wash episodes of “Everybody loves Raymond” into my feed. And although I watched a few episodes back when I wasn’t a huge fan. But they seem hilarious now. They kept well and I seem to have changed.

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    1. Thanks Janet. It was an immersive experience to have this strange and wonderful light moving over the walls and everything. I was lucky to get that photo of the lights reflection 🙂

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