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Going for the short drive from home into the mountains, always take a thermos to have a cup of tea, a snack of some sort depending on when I get to the picnic table at The Raspberry Lookout. Perhaps a biscuit or two or if lunch time, probably a salad roll.

Always be prepared for anything. One time it was a lovely sunny warm day at home but at Raspberry it was about 10c colder. Shorts was a bad decision. Lucky there is always a picnic blanket in the car.

I found it hard to pick the most picturesque

or this one

18 thoughts on “My scenic spot

    1. There’s a number of really fab spots within an hour from my place, slower if you encounter a truck at the start of the climb up the range. Luckily there’s a lookout about one-third of the way so you can let the truck go for a while and hope he is close to the top by the time you catch up.

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    1. Thanks Elke. I wanted to pop up there the other day but remembered there is school holidays. Don’t like people hanging around at my spot. The ones I dislike are those who drive in jump out of the car, take a photo, get in and drive away.
      That’s like stealing a piece of Raspberry Lookout. If you stay and look you don’t just inhale and go, you exhale as you sigh at the beauty of the day

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      1. It’s one of the problems with my spot. Castle gardens are naturally overrun by towns people out for a stroll and tourists. I remember making fun of tourists when I was only knee-hi. They were so annoying and we weren’t allowed on the gras (that was a thing then) and they would get away with it while we were scolded by passers-by. But if one gets up early enough (a chore for me) or if the weather is bad enough it’s not too overcrowded.

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  1. I can see why you like to go there. I also prefer not having anyone else around and just taking it all in for as long as I want. I dislike when people make lots of noise or are playing loud music somewhere like this (or in lots of other places too, I must admit.).

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    1. I went to the top of a mountain to take in the serenity. There were a couple of cars in the car park so I expected to be people up there. Once at the top, there were Wedged-tailed eagles circling overhead, the gentle rustle of a breeze through the gum tree leaves and two elderly women blathering on about the ironing or cake baking, who knows what non-stop.

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