In my garden

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Gardens
Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: Granny Smith Apple Colours

A quick once around my garden with an emphasis on Granny Smith Green

The flower and seed head of a Lomandra, this one is a Spiny Headed Mat Rush

Mosses appearing everywhere after rain

Lichens also find a place to grow

King Parrots are always around especially on the days I put a bit of seed out for them

Green Tree Frogs colours can go from a light green to a very dark green

Shadows behind a leaf

21 thoughts on “In my garden

      1. We get little tiny ones that look like that, but they are TINY. You can usually hear them, but rarely see them. They are called (locally) peepers because they make little peeping noises — quite loudly for such a tiny little creature.

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  1. You did very well with Cee’s Granny Smith Apple Green.
    I love the King parrot with it’s gorgeous pretty face and the very cute green tree frog.
    Thank you, Brian for sharing some of your garden with our ‘Garden’ challenge. 😐

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