Goodbye Verona

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I found a few more doors while looking for something else from Verona. I looked at some of my previous door posts and find that I seem to have gone from the older, not in such good shape to the really grand doors.

Swapping order to show this fabulous carved door first. All of the symbolism must mean something. I cut off the top of the doors surround unfortunately.

A bit plainer, but what it lacks in decoration, it still is of impressive size.

A bit of colour, some impressive hinges. Can you count how many ways to open the doors?

A bit of shabby chic with a wonderful cast iron decoration above the door. I wonder what type of refuge it is?

30 thoughts on “Goodbye Verona

      1. It is definitely lovely but we were there only for a stopover… saw Juliet’s balcony of course and then lunch…that’s it. Maybe should visit again sometime.

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  1. These are wonderful doors. I love the mechanical aspect of that 5-way door. Making those hinges must have been interesting. That second, large door is my favorite, today, although it wasn’t easy to choose.

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  2. that blue door — horses, carriages and people. I had a photo of a Verona door that was red in a medieval building near Piazza della Erbe. It was at the end of a short alley. On it was written, in black spray paint, “Sex Pistols” and an anarchy symbol. It was just coolly anachronistic.

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